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Bujo – September 2021 Setup [AF]

Bullet journaling is something in the last several months, I have grown to love; use and find good in; in so many ways. It helps me get organised; record and track things; and there’s something nice about spending a little time whether weekly or daily looking through, and filling in certain parts. In this post I’ll be sharing my September 2021 setup.

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Bujo Share

I got my journal for around £10 on Amazon, from Stationery Island; This was actually a kit which came with a ruler, some stickers (yay) and a pen. I have even picked up another one (journal only this time), for next year!

September 2021

My Planner [AF]

August was a pretty busy month in the end, with a family visit, lots of days out, and some great moments! I’m looking forward to September, before much of the chaos the end of year brings; as a chance to prepare, as well as relax!

Bujo September 2021 - sunset coloured diamonds

I feel like September is the link between summer and autumn, so went for a fun sunset theme, with simple diamond patterns. I didn’t have much time for the setup but it’s fun nonetheless!

September Goals

This September is going to be mainly catching up on projects I want finished; as well as preparing for some upcoming seasonal content ideas!

Bujo September 2021 goals and tracking pages

September Plans

I’m sort-of glad we’re now off season. This means I can choose some more random projects and themes to work on and I’m not tied to time of year. Of course I’m always on the lookout for challenges, tags and anything else, so who knows what will appear! If you have anything planned for October do let me know! I have also said that I’ll do a giveaway when I hit 500 followers on Twitter!

Of course the weekly spreads are pretty standard, it’s still nice and colourful though, and lots of space for notes which I think will be useful this month!

Bujo September 2021 Weekly spread pages

To see my January bullet journal pages; as well as some of my trackers for use throughout the year; click here.

Do you have a planner or journal, or even a bullet journal? If you share on a blog or social media, let me know, I’d love to check it out. Also tips are more than welcome!!

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