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Bujo – October 2021 Setup

Bullet journaling is something in the last several months, I have grown to love; use and find good in; in so many ways. It helps me get organised; record and track things; and there’s something nice about spending a little time whether weekly or daily looking through, and filling in certain parts. In this post I’ll be sharing my October 2021 setup.

Bujo Share

I got my journal for around £10 on Amazon, from Stationery Island; This was actually a kit which came with a ruler, some stickers (yay) and a pen. I have even picked up another one (journal only this time), for next year!

October 2021

September was a pretty busy month in the end, I’ve been quiet both on blog and socials; as work kind-of took over! Though now I’m back and ready to share some autumnal fun!

October Bujo title page, with pumpkins, bats and spiderwebs and other halloween imagery

It’s spooky season! I love Halloween, it’s so much fun. So of course I decorated my title page accordingly. And this will definitely carry over into a lot of the content you’ll be seeing this month.

October Goals

This October is of course going to be a month of Halloween and autumn based fun! Call it Blogtober, or Hallotober, or Blogoween, the idea is the same! Though I won’t be posting daily; there will be extra content throughout the month; both on the blog and on socials!

October bullet journal goals and notes pages, headed "ghouls" instead of goals... because I'm hilarious

October Plans

Ah it’s all so fun! So I of course love a bit of seasonal content; so it should come as no surprise that there will be crafts; baking; decorating and more, coming up this month! And of course I’ll be sharing different things as always over on Instagram! So if you don’t already, it’s worth following over there too.

I’ve gone for smaller blocks this month; mostly because I have been testing out ideas for next years bujo… Which may or may not be almost completely done already…

October Bujo spread, weekly layout in yellow, black, orange and green

To see my January bullet journal pages; as well as some of my trackers for use throughout the year; click here.

Do you have a planner or journal, or even a bullet journal? If you share on a blog or social media, let me know, I’d love to check it out. Also tips are more than welcome!!

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