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Crafty Halloween Makes for Adults

I got to thinking this year about crafting for Halloween, for those who won’t be entertaining kids! There’s a little bit out there for the grown-ups, but some is excessively samey; and some is a little OTT for your average gathering. In this post I thought I’d share some quick crafty Halloween makes for adults; which can all be made of an evening, and will add a little whimsy to your ghoulish gathering; whether it’s a dinner party, or a movie night!

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Crafty Halloween Ideas for Adults

I’ve found MANY ideas for pumpkins, whether they’re painted, covered with vinyl or made from various things. I’ve seen glassware, candlesticks and table centrepieces; but I don’t know about you, it’s not always that big a deal (especially here in the UK); and you may not want to take that much time!

So here are three fun creative ideas, to add a little spooky season whimsy, and won’t take much time!

Halloween Crafts For Adults - add some spirit to your drinks cabinet

I thought for a change I’d head to the drinks cupboard, so whether you have a setup in the kitchen; on the table or use a fun drinks cart; here are some quick ideas you can make in a couple of hours to liven up your Halloween gathering! These can be altered to fit other things. So if you are looking for more family friendly ideas, just adjust your measurements!

The Spirit of Halloween

If you ask me there’s nothing better than a nice glass of red of an evening (Halloween or not)! So whether it’s party decor, or even something fun for a themed gift; why not take a few minutes to make this fun pumpkin bottle wrap!

Halloween crafts for adults -Pumpkin themed felt wine bottle wrap

Super easy to make, measure your felt to fit around your bottle of choice, with a little seam allowance.

Sew or glue the felt into a tube that fits snugly around your bottle.

Cut out some black felt, to make your pumpkin face, and glue or sew onto the front to decorate.

I folded the top of the fabric over, and of course, especially when it comes to wine, this will also help protect your counter or tablecloth from drips and spills!

You can of course change up your designs, use vinyl or other fabric; or even decorate with beads, sequins and more! Changing up your colours and designs to make a whole host of fun characters!

Bottle Topper Witches Hat

This is a mega quick and totally cute and fun Halloween make!

Measure your bottle of choice (especially these days, there’s no standard size, what with all those brands out there!) and roll your black felt into a cone shape to sit over the top of your bottle. Sew or glue into place with fabric glue.

Draw around something round using chalk or white pencil, and cut out a circle of fabric for the brim of the hat.

Stick the cone onto the circle of felt, I used fabric glue as it was quicker and easier.

Black felt witches hat

Once dry, I simply folded the hat and cut small triangles into the opening of the cone to create a hole; you can of course cut the felt into a hoop already, but I felt these folds added a little structural integrity to the hat!

I finished my cute little felt hat with a loop of ribbon to fit around the base of the cone and sit on top of the brim, though again; you can alter the designs to create lots of fun hats for your bottles!

Halloween crafts for Adults - Witches hat bottle topper

For more Halloween fun, check out how to make a cute fabric pumpkin in this post.

Crafty Wooden Halloween Bar Sign

I picked up this cute wooden pumpkin from Hobbycraft; and used stickers and some orange glitter glue from my stash to make a quick and fun sign for the bar area!

Halloween crafts for adults - "The BOOze" wooden sign

You can of course do this in a variety of ways, using vinyl, stickers, hand lettering or even stencils! There are also LOTS of designs and shapes to choose from, whatever your theme!

Quick and easy Halloween crafts for Adults.
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I finished up my drinks corner with some matching ribbons; and novelty lights creating a fun area for my Halloween gathering! You could even add handmade glass charms, coasters and more depending on how much time you have!

Do you get up to anything fun at this time of year? Will you be doing any Halloween crafting? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Crafty Halloween Makes for Adults

  1. The pumpkin bottle wrap is such a creative idea – a festive centrepiece to make your bottles look better. The witches hat is cute; I might see if I have some black felt to create some!

    The wooden bar sign is my favourite, especially since you can personalise it in different ways. I didn’t think I’d be venturing to Hobbycraft this month, but you might have changed my mind. 😂

    Thank you for sharing these items. I’ve only made a few Halloween cross stitch patterns this year. 😊🎃

    1. I love a good stitching sesh! Cross-stitch was my first craft of choice so no bad there!
      (Hobbycraft is never fun when it’s intentional!) Let me know if you make any!

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