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Quick Knit Mug Cosy

Autumn is totally knitting season, if you ask me! There’s something nice about sitting in front of the tv, with a bit of knitting; and I love a quick little project; just to break up anything bigger I’m working on. So this year I knitted up a quick knit mug cosy, in autumnal orange.

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The great thing about these sorts of projects is how fast they are, and you can make a few; whether you want something seasonal, something personalised, or just a bunch of different mug cosies to choose from!

Quick Knit Mug Cosy

I wanted to knit something Halloween themed; but not something I couldn’t use again (I have a fun black and white striped ceramic travel mug) so I went with a bright orange yarn, and found a green button in my stash. I knit it up one evening, with a little bit of ribbing, until about half-way; when I got bored, and went with garter stitch! This however does mean it has a nice stretch to fit most mugs. (Go me for not pretending I did it on purpose).

Quick Knit mug cosy (button side)

To make it a little more interesting, because, seriously, it’s SO orange; I attached a cute crescent moon charm, from my stash, and left it at that. You could of course choose to decorate with beads, themed buttons, or other charms!

Quick knit mug cosy with crescent moon charm

You could even knit your mug cosy in a few colours – which is a great way to use up scrap yarn!

More quick knitting ideas, check out some great beginners project ideas here.

I like mug cosies; because the black and white mug gets really hot! So I can use it on the go, whether I take it with me on a day out (it’s a bit heavy though!) or I just take it out into the garden.

I do quite like the idea of making a few more, because it’s quite a nice little project to work on, especially when regular projects feel a bit slow going!

Do you have any favourite go-to quick projects? Let me know in the comments below…

Quick Knit Autumn Mug Cosy

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