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Scary Good Chocolate Cupcakes

As it’s Halloween season, it seemed only right to do a bit of seasonal baking! Of course I always do, whether it’s shortbread, or cake! This year I thought I’d make some scary good chocolate cupcakes! Just to do something a little bit different!

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The biggest change here was the frosting, which wasn’t remotely complicated!

Scary Good Chocolate Cupcakes

To begin, make up a regular chocolate cupcake recipe. I chose to do triple chocolate cupcakes, with a chocolate cake batter, and milk and white chocolate chips. I’ve shared my chocolate cupcake recipe before, so I’ll just leave a link to this post If you’d like to try it.

Scary Good Chocolate Cupcakes

When it comes time to frost the cooled cakes, simply mix your usual buttercream, and divide it into two bowls; it’s just food colouring for the Halloween effect! Add a couple of drops of red and yellow into one batch; til you get your preferred shade of pumpkin orange, and a little blue and yellow into the other for a ghoulish green!

I used standard food colouring, though gel colour is a bit easier (I’m just using what I have!). Using a star nozzle on a piping bag (or you can cut a corner from a plastic food bag) Carefully pipe your frosting!

I finished up with some fun Halloween coloured sprinkles, which I picked up, along with my black muffin cases at Tinman Panorama, in my local market. I love doing my bit to support a local biz, even if it’s small things. (It makes a difference regardless!) They are also home to a lot of fab baking supplies, at fab prices; and if needed amazing advice, which is free… (Not an ad, they’re just awesome!)

Tinman Panorama Halloween baking display
Image courtesy of Tinman Panorama – Used with permission

Also they’ve already geared up for Christmas, and how fab is this just for some inspiration?

Tinman Panorama Christmas baking display
Image courtesy of Tinman Panorama – Used with permission

It just makes me want to do all of the festive baking! If you want any advice and inspiration, even if you’re not local, you can find them over on Twitter here.

Other Baking News

If this wasn’t enough, I did also make shortbread bats, which uses my classic easy shortbread recipe, which can be found here, and of course, a bat shaped cookie cutter! This also led to the discussion of why I don’t own a standard gingerbread man cutter… I need to fix this!

Have you done any Halloween themed baking in the past? Will you get baking this year? Let me know in the comments; or of course, you can tag me on social media. (All my links are at the bottom of the page).

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2 thoughts on “Scary Good Chocolate Cupcakes

  1. I do love a bit of seasonal baking, even if my creations end up looking scarily bad! 😂

    😍 Those cupcakes look absolutely delicious, and the black muffin cases make the frosting pop.

    I’ve made some ghost-themed cupcakes and attempted some skeleton gingerbread men. I still have some cookies to make that will hopefully resemble pumpkins. 🤞

    Thank you for sharing your cupcake creations! I’m now going to check out your shortbread bats as they sound amazing! 🦇

    1. It’s all practice haha, I don’t share the stuff that turns out terrible!
      I need to actually make gingerbread men, as soon as I buy a cutter… Christmas maybe!
      Ghost cupcakes could be fun next year…

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