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Upcycled Luminary – #BCChat Challenge

As part of a recent online challenge, I try to create an upcycled luminary. Of course I added to the challenge, to make it fit with my Halloween crafting, with a pumpkin theme.

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I have seen handmade luminaries created from cans, bottles and jars, but could I make one using a tube?

The Challenge

Last month as part of Beyond Craft, aka #BCChat over on Twitter; we launched the fifth challenge of the year: The Mutual Object Challenge. A member of the chat chose the item, a crisp/chip tube; and it was up to everyone to get creative and make something.

The Beyond Craft #BCChat, mutual object challenge.

The game is somewhat given away in this post, though I want to share how to create an easy luminary yourself!

This does require sharp objects so may not be suitable for younger children, though could be a fun project to complete together!

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Upcycled Luminaries

So, I’m fairly sure I don’t need to share a picture of the tube. To begin, carefully cover your tube with thick paper or thin card, you don’t want to use anything too thick, as it will be difficult later. You can decorate as you wish. I continued the theme of all my Halloween projects, using the orange ribbon.

Upcycled luminary - cover your tube in thin card of your choice.

The next part, is simply measuring out your design area, and drawing onto some paper (anything is fine). I found a piece of scrap paper. You don’t want too intricate a design, as it won’t work as well.

Stick your paper design to your tube, temporarily, using masking tape, or washi. Using a “pokey tool” or awl, stab your design through the surface of the card and tube. You want reasonable detail, although sticking to simple designs is going to work better. If you’re working with smaller people, this may be where they will need some help. You could also try using a compass, or a needle (though you would need to protect your fingers!).

From beginning to end (though I made this across several evenings); this project takes around an hour to complete at most. It’s super easy and satisfying!

Lighting your Upcycled Luminary

Obviously, you don’t want to use fire in this sort of tube; instead of a “live” candle, I used a couple of LED candles (the light wasn’t as strong with just one). As you can see, it’s enough light to reach the top of the tube. For added effect, you can even use flickering candles.

Completed and lit upcycled luminary with "Happy Halloween" and pumpkin image.

Hey presto! One cute Halloween themed upcycled luminary. I enjoyed this project, and I’m already thinking of ideas for a Christmas version! What’s great is that you can use any size tube for this sort of project.

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Fun upcycled Halloween Luminary!

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