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Mini Halloween Cross Stitch

Just for fun, I thought I’d work on stitching a little seasonal something! So I picked up this cute Mouseloft mini Halloween cross-stitch kit. I really love these little kits as they’re quick to stitch, and are a little crafty break, not taking up too much time.

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I stitched this little kit while watching some TV one evening.

Do you have any creative favourites this spooky season?

Mini Halloween Cross Stitch

These mini kits are super cute; and come with all the things you’ll need to create your own little jack-o-lantern cross-stitch. Great for beginners of experienced stitchers; once finished you can use it as a patch; frame for some seasonal decor, or, well, anything else!

I’ve been known to change mini kits into bookmarks, and even cut down to make coasters and keyrings! Though I think for this one, I’m just going to pop him into a little frame! Maybe I should leave it up to you? Leave any ideas in the comments!

I shared my starter image over on Instagram as a bit of a teaser…

Mini Halloween Cross-stitch kit - teaser photo

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So here’s the finished mini pumpkin!

Mini Halloween cross stitch kit - grinning Jack-o-lantern all finished!

Isn’t he cute?

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2 thoughts on “Mini Halloween Cross Stitch

  1. I love cross-stitching while watching some TV, as it can be relaxing. I’ve made little cross-stitch patterns into cards before or earrings for tiny cross-stitches.

    Your finished mini pumpkin looks adorable! I might try my hand at recreating it if that’s okay? As it looks like such a fun design! 😊🎃

    Thank you for sharing. 😊

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