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12 Days of Christmas 2021 – Gingerbread House

It’s Day 2! In this post I’m sharing how I got creative with a wooden Gingerbread House! It was a great excuse to do something a little bit different, and try something new.


As much as I love the idea of making a real gingerbread house, it’s not something I could leave out at Christmas, because of the cats, and because generally I think it’s kind-of gross. And also, because we REALLY don’t need more treats and stuff at this time of year! So a wooden one seems practical!

Wooden Gingerbread House

I picked up this particular house kit from my local Card Factory. It was a reasonable £2.99. The kit came with the wooden pieces to buld the house, some paints and a paintbrush, as well as a sticker sheet for decorating.

Gingerbread House kit

I will start by saying I deviated from the packaged kit.

I added:

Some of my own paint, pipe cleaners, fluffy trim and some wooden star decorations. I also glued my house together.

What I Did:

First things first, putting the house together. It slots together quite nicely, though I decided to glue mine in place.

I then painted the outside of the house, including the white roof panel.

Wooden Gingerbread House With a layer of brownish paint and white roof trim.
Little John Wick cameo…

After painting, I added some random fluffy white trim to the roof edges and along the roof.

Then came the decorating! I Worked with a couple of extra brushes, painting in some roof details, and around the edges of the windows in white.

Wooden Gingerbread House with decoration added

I tried to stick to my usual current scheme of red green and gold.

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Adding some wooden stars from my craft stash painted in these colours, to the roof and front of the house, and painting the door, and surround. I finished with some twisted pipe cleaners (because they were in my stash) in red and white, to add some candy-cane vibes, and cover the places the house slots together.

I think the finished result is pretty cute! And a fun addition to our Christmas decor.

Things I Could Have Done

The gingerbread house is hollow; I debated on painting the inside; as you can see through the windows. Or perhaps covering the inside of them at least. I didn’t in the end though, It could also have been cute to build an interior to peek in at.

I almost wish I’d attached some lights in retrospect, but I’d have had to do a cutout somewhere for the battery pack. Maybe next time! But an idea if you’re thinking of making one!

Have you made a gingerbread house? Whether real or not! Let me know in the comments! If you’re looking for more Christmas content, you can also follow me on Instagram for daily pics and goings on!

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