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12 Days of Christmas 2021 – Festive X-Stitch

I wanted to do more Christmas crafting this year, but time is definitely not on my side this year. On the other hand, it has been fun to look at smaller quick projects and makes. In this post I’ll share some fun festive cross stitching, including the one piece I’ve managed to x-stitch this year.


I’ve always enjoyed cross-stitch, and find it quite relaxing. While things are definitely busy, it’s nice to take a few minutes out for a bit of mindful crafting.

Festive Cross Stitching

I’ve done something Christmassy with cross-stitch most years, looking back. Whether it’s bookmarks, cards, fun festive decorations or even the advent calendar we now bring out each year.

I really enjoy bringing out the handmade decorations each year, and have even given them as gifts here and there.

Festive X-Stitch This Year

I haven’t had time to work on much, though I have a collection of mini kits saved from my old subscriptions to various magazines, and I started work on one of a trio of images designed to be cross-stitched cards, I don’t know when I’ll get the other two finished, but this little reindeer is super cute, and I liked the addition of the bow and bell!

Festive x-stitch - reindeer with red nose, and teal accent snowflakes, with a teal bow, and a bell.

Past Christmas Cross Stitch

Here are some more pics of older festive cross stitch projects. Most of these are from kits, because you get so many in magazines, and it’s a nice way to get some variety!

Have you been doing any Christmas crafting yet? I’d love to hear what you’ve been working on! Leave a comment below, or of course you can chat to me over on Twitter! I’m also sharing some other fun over on Instagram this month! A collection of movies we’re watching, and other seasonally themed pics!

If you’re taking part in Blogmas this year, let me know, I’d love to read your posts! You can find my other “12 days of Christmas” posts by searching “12 Days of Christmas 2021” in the search bar.

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