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12 Days of Christmas 2021 – Knitted Bobble Hat

It’s been interesting juggling a lot of work hours, Christmas prep, and Christmas crafting; it’s lead to finding some fun projects to work on in a small amount of time! Like today’s project, a cute knitted bobble hat!

Christmas 5

Knitting is still a great chillout project for me, so this was nice to knit over an evening after work. Along with scarves, and mittens, hats are a great Chrismas present, and a really easy handmade gift, for beginners or experienced knitters alike!

Festive Knitting Projects

I really want to get into knitting some new things. I only knitted my first hats this year, and of course mittens! With the Very Berry Knitting project. I’ve made scarves most years, and even some Christmas decorations!

This year I wanted to knit something different, so I went back to my hat pattern from earlier this year.

Knitted Bobble Hat

So I got my yarn out, and my chunky knitting needles (because this is a quick knit project!) Wait… Why is this different? Because it’s blue? No?

What if I add a massive pom-pom? Would that help? I’ve not knitted a bobble hat before!

This was of course super easy. I did have to adjust the pattern from super chunky yarn, so of course tension square. And I have a small head, so I usually adjust down a bit too. But if anyone wants the pattern, by all means get in touch!

Here’s a pic of my finished hat! Now I just need somewhere to wear it!

My knitted bobble hat

Have you done any winter crafting? Or perhaps you’ve been making handmade Christmas gifts? Comment below, or of course you can find my socials at the bottom of the page. If you’ve missed it, I’m also posting daily on Instagram, sharing a mixture of christmas-goings on, and other randomness!

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