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12 Days of Christmas – Festive Vinyl T-Shirt

I wanted to make something using some of my viny stash this year; but I wasn’t sure what to do for ages. Not for a lack of ideas, but quite the opposite! If you’re anything like me, you’ll know there are SO MANY ideas for using HTV; (Heat Transfer Vinyl, or Iron-On Vinyl) available online. In the end I decided to use up some of my pink glitter HTV; to make a vinyl t-shirt with a bit of festive sparkle!


This post is not remotely sponsored but uses items from Cricut I was gifted in the past.

Making a Fun Christmas T-Shirt

I have a smallish stash of vinyl in the craft room; and thought it would be fun to use some up this year; making myself a Christmas tee. I have made a couple of things before, but I actually rarely make things simply for myself! So this project was quite good fun! It was super easy and all made in the morning before I went to work. (I think it took me a couple of hours) including waiting around for the Cricut Maker to cut everything out!

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Designs for Christmas tops and jumpers are EVERYWHERE online. I started out on Pinterest (of course) but really didn’t know what I wanted to make. In the end I decided there was no fun copying an existing design; so I got on the laptop and hopped onto the Cricut Design Space, and started designing my own!

Everything I used for this project was in my stash! Which was, namely two colours of HTV or Iron-on vinyl, and a plain t-shirt; (I pick these up from Primark for vinyl purposes, and keep a couple around).

Vinyl T-Shirt Making

Design Space is super easy to use, so I quickly came up with a punny slogan; and worked my way through the free fonts available. (You can also use system fonts, and of course download your own). It is important to remember that not all fonts will cut-out well. In the end I decided to use two fonts, to emphasise the play on words. I didn’t attempt to fully weed the lettering though; as I wanted it cut so small.

I then searched for some suitable images available for free use; and found a cute Christmas hat (after all it’s a Christmas tee), and a glass image. There was a bit of editing it to simplify the cutting process; (master the use of the slice function, it can be a lifesaver!)

Festive Vinyl T-Shirt - Design

Once I had my design finalised; I measured my tee first to know how big to make my design. I sorted it into the two colours I was using; cut out my vinyl and put it on the mat. (Shiny side down for HTV) mirroring the image for cutting. Then I left the Cricut Maker to do its thing!

Festive Vinyl T-Shirt Cutting Vinyl

Next came the weeding, and positioning on the T-shirt. I worked the white vinyl first, followed by the layering of glitter pink vinyl on top. I used my Easy-Press 2, to make short work of both layers, and that’s it all finished. Some HTV is suitable for the use of a normal iron, so don’t discount the idea.

I really do want to make an easy guide to vinyl iron-on temperatures and times though; because I always have to head to the Cricut site to look it up, and it’s annoying.

My Festive Sparkle Vinyl T-Shirt

And of course, after not very long. My vinyl t-shirt is finished! A fun festive addition, that makes a change from the usual Christmas jumper!

Finished T-shirt
Photo added after I ended up wearing it this weekend!

Have you created any clothing using HTV or Iron-on vinyl? Let me know in the comments below! And of course as always, you can find my socials at the bottom of the page. Do give me a follow if you don’t already and feel free to tag me in any crafty goings on!

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