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12 Days of Christmas 2021 – This Time Next Year Tag

Merry Christmas Eve! While it’s such a postitive and (finally) relaxing time! Lets take a look at where I’d like to be This Time Next Year! With the help of this very easy tag!


As with all of my tag posts, I won’t tag anybody; although you are more than welcome to participate. Let me know if you do!

This Time Next Year Tag

What fun! A chance to think about goals for the next year, and where I’d like to see things by the end of 2022.

The This Time Next Year Tag

The rules of the “This Time Next Year” Tag 

  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Write your goals for next year
  • Write how you’re going to achieve those goals
  • Tag at least 5 blogger friends
  • In 365 days, write a follow-up post about whether you’ve been successful

Thank You…

A big shout-out and thank you to The Yorkshire Dreamer!

She’s a fab blogger, and covers all sorts of topics; so I thouroughly recommend heading over for a visit if you haven’t done so already! Her goals are wonderful too, and I look forward to seeing more of her blogging journey.

My 2022 Goals

A few people who have taken part in this tag, have broken their goals down into sections, and I shall do the same.


I’d like to more regularly work on being healthier, both physically and mentally. One of my biggest problems was sleep up until last year. Though I have mastered a somewhat regular routine; so I’d like to stick to that! I walk a lot at work, so being active isn’t necessarily a concern, though of course, I’d like to stay active outside of work, as well as generally eat a little healthier. All in all this should be reasonably easy through the year!

Short answer – get generally healthier.


I (like so many of us I am sure!) have a habit of starting but not finishing things, and have decided to stop pushing myself to do SO much. It is difficult with the blog to keep things diverse, so I’d like to find balance. I would LOVE some input if you have the time, on what you’d like to see as an audience, so do leave a comment, or as always you can find me on social media, I’m on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook mostly, though you can search for The Craft Room and Beyond almost everywhere, and probably find me!

Short answer – find more balance between creating for me and creating for content.

For a more festive tag, check out this post.


My blogging goals for 2022 are going to be a bit different. I am pressuring myself less this year, hopefully there will still be two posts a week, and some extras for seasonal stuff, but I’m not going to be apologetic if life gets in the way. It can be quite difficult when the big seasons come at peak times for work. On the other hand I want to plan a little better to hopefully ensure there won’t be large lapses in content. So, better planning including down-time.

In terms of socials, I want to be a bit more regular, and work on scheduling, and sharing different things on different platforms. If there are things you’d like to see, I’d love to hear from you!

I’ll also be doing some different things with regular challenges, so watch this space!

Short answer – Less pressure to blog if life gets in the way. More regular content, and trying new things!


Ah the obligatory tag 5 people…

Instead of doing this, I’d like 5 people to ASK to be added in, and in return, I shall endeavour to visit through 2022 and share a little love on your content!

I need to get better at commenting on things, and not just reading like a creepy stalker… We all do too much of this.

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The Follow Up This Time Next Year

Well, if I remember… the follow up, will be linked here; This Time, Next Year!

In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

I’ll be back a little next week, but will have a short break at the beginning of January.

Thank you for reading The Craft Room and Beyond
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