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The Movie Chain Game – 2022 Challenge

In case you missed it, we usually have a year-long movie challenge, and this year is no exception! We have retired the A-Z Challenge for now, and are playing a new game this year – The Movie Chain Game!

The Movie Chain Game - Movie Challenge 2022

This is just a bit of fun for Friday nights, to make us think about watching something a bit different. How we go about choosing is the hard part. After Two years of random picking, and taking turns, we have deicded on a new movie challenge.

The Friday Night Film

The Movie Challenge, or the Friday Night Film, has been an ongoing feature for several years, whether it’s a list of recommendations; a mission to watch a trilogy (or series) every month; or the A-Z! You can find previous challenges over on the Friday Night Film page!

We are always up for suggestions, whether it’s ideas for future challenges, or recommendations! We watch more films than TV generally, and enjoy most genres.

Other Movie Plans

In the last year we didn’t go to the cinema as much (for obvious reasons) so we’re not sure how often we will go this year. I do have a page in my bullet journal though, so we shall see!

Bujo 2022 - Cinema Spread

At home we also have the “100 movies bucket list” poster, which we are gradually working our way through too. So if you’d like updates on this let me know! So far we have watched 25 in the last year. There are a LOT of Chaplin movies on it. I mean, fair enough, but the lack of variety makes it a little hard going in some ways.

100 Movies Bucket List Poster

2022 – The Movie Chain Game

Beginning with A (because you have to start somewhere) every Friday we will pick a film to watch, beginning with the last letter of the title of the previous film.

Feel free to join in my choosing your own films, or playing along with us!

Every Friday I will share the movie we’re going to watch over on Twitter. This will of course then reveal the letter for the next week, so you can always comment with your suggestions and recommendations!

Do you do any challenges throughout the year? Let me know in the comments below!

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