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Hello 2022 – New Year New Bujo

Happy New Year! Do you have new plans, new goals, or any other newness? I’m not a fan of resolutions, though I have a handful of goals, and of course a brand new Bullet Journal for 2022! Here I’ll share some of my setup for the year and an intro to my 2022 bujo.

Bujo Share

As with last year, my journal is from Stationery Island, as they are affordable, and come in a range of fun colours. Last year my journal was teal. This year the colour is “poppy” or a pretty red.

The Bullet Journal

2021, was my first year with a Bujo, and I wasn’t sure how I’d take to it. What would work for me, and what wouldn’t. As it turns out I found it quite relaxing, and it helped to keep me organised too! So I’ve set up my journal for this year. Some aspects I have kept, some new things have been added, and some old things taken away.

Last year I had a range of simple but colourful themes. In 2022 I am keeping things simple, both in terms of layout and colour scheme.

Bujo 2021 and Bujo 2022

My pretty red bullet journal, is the same as last year’s journal. Except it’s red. Obviously.

2022 Bujo

I have decided to keep things especially simple this year, sticking to predominantly red and black throughout the journal, and a basic layout for every month/week spread. That being said there will still be themes for each month for my 2022 bujo, much like last year.

Bujo 2022 - Year Title Page

I wanted to keep things fairly clear and uncluttered, though I’m sure I’ll still have a bit of fun with it now and again!

Friday Night Film

For example when it comes to my full year trackers, like the Friday Night Film, which this year is a game, you can read about The Movie Chain Game in this post. I liked this spread, it’s simple but fun!

Bujo 2022 - Friday Night Film Spread

Craft Projects

Crafting is something I do for fun, but it’s nice to have a bit of a record, when it comes to what I make for fun or for myself. Just so I can quickly look back at what I’ve made this year, across the range of crafts I actually do!

Bujo 2022 - Craft Projects Spread

What We’ve Been Watching

Of course movies always play a big part in our day to day, and that’s made clear with other movie spreads, cinema, which I’ll share in our Friday Night Film update; and this year, just for fun; I added our year in film. Where I can write in the films we watch each day… Not that there will be films EVERY day, but probably most of them! It’ll also be interesting to see if we watch anything more than once throughout the year!

The top of the pages has been split, so I didn’t have to do the title over and over again.

Bujo 2022 - Movie Watching Year Long Spread


Another thing I track, more to keep myself motivated is reading. I always aim for 12 books, though usually it’s half as many. Honestly, I used to read so much more than I do now. I enjoy it, I just rarely make the time!

As I didn’t need to use the double page, I’ve kept it for random doodles, stickers and whatever else I happen to add in. I’ll try and keep it literature related!! I started with this cute washi with a Shakespeare quote…

Bujo 2022 - Reading Log

Bujo January 2022

And of course so it brings us to the month ahead, the January spread is of course sticking to the colour scheme, with a simple wintery theme, of hats, scarves, gloves and mugs of hot chocolate.

Bujo January 22

Monthly Goals

I’m continuing to track and plan much the same as last year, when it comes to the blog, socials and my crafty plans for the month. Some months this will include seasonal content and other blog challenges. As ever if you are doing any challenges you think I’d be interested in, I can be found on all socials, though I’m most active over on Twitter.

I discussed my goals over in this post when I took part in the This Time Next Year Tag.

Bujo January 22

I’ll share my weekly spreads and some other pages next month… So of course subscribe if you don’t want to miss out!

Do you have a bullet journal? If you share it I’d love to see!

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