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Simple DIY Scrap Fabric Hoop Art Love Heart

It’s love season, and I couldn’t resist digging into my stash to make some pretty scrap fabric hoop art! I chose a simple heart design, to keep this DIY project quick and easy to make!

Feel the Love

Everything I used for this project was from my craft stash, and would make great home decor, or a fun handmade gift, for Valentines, Mother’s Day or even for birthdays, new babies, weddings and anniversaries! Changing up the colours alone makes this an incredibly versatile project.

Scrap Fabric Hoop Art

Hoop art is always fun, and using scrap fabric, makes it such a great stash buster too! I had a in (cm) hoop in the craft cupboard; but you can pick these up very affordably in several places.

I looked through my stash, and found this cute rose print fabric; (this was part of a bundle I was given ages ago); and checked through my bag of scrap fabric for some pink or blue bits. I found some cotton, felt and ribbon pieces in a few shades of pink, as well as some blue organza.

Scrap Fabric Hoop Art materials

No purchase necessary for this one! I also used some blue felt from a pack I picked up at Christmas from a local shop. I picked a coordinating pink thread from my embroidery stash; some white felt for backing (measure the right size using your hoop before you begin!) and the only other things I used were fabric scissors and a needle.

Hoop Art Love Heart

I wanted a basic shape for my hoop art, so cut a heart shape from my blue felt fabric, the right size for the hoop. If you use a different sized hoop, you can of course alter your design.

Scrap Fabric Hoop Art, progress showing the beginning stages of sewing on ribbon

There wasn’t much of a plan and I just chose my scrap pieces at random; I simply began by stitching them right onto the blue felt heart. I didn’t want to do this in totally straight lines, and they ended up sitting at a bit of an angle.

While working, line by line I altered the stitches I used to attach the scrap pieces, to add a bit of detail, and also tried to mix up the pink shades and fabric textures throughout.

Once my heart was fully covered, I pinned it onto the rose fabric on the hoop, with the organza placed between. Stitching through all the layers to attach them. Using the felt base for the heart added a little dimension to the project too!

Scrap Fabric and Ribbon Hoop Art

Easy and Simple Hoop Art

Honestly, this is such an easy project. All you need is a sharp needle and a little imagination. You could use any kind of scrap fabric you like, whether you wanted to work in lines or patches. If you wanted to make a no-sew version, you could even use fabric glue!

For some more cute valentines craft ideas, check out this post.

To finish the back of the hoop you can glue some felt to the reverse side to hide your stitches. Or you could even use some other fabric! I had some white felt in my stash so just traced my hoop before I started so it was the right size. Once complete, I simply stuck the circle of felt into the back of the hoop.

Once finished, you can very easily add a piece of scrap fabric or ribbon through the top screw, to hang your hoop art for display.

The finished scrap fabric hoop art

Have you made any hoop art before? Would you consider giving it a go? Let me know in the comments! You can also chat to me over on Twitter, and of course you can find all of my socials links below.

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