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Cherry Blossom Journal Theme – March 2022

Hello March! February came and went super fast! I can’t believe spring is on the way (especially with all the rain!) But now it’s time to share my bujo, and my cherry blossom journal theme.

Bujo Share

I’m sticking to a black and red theme for my bullet journal so far; but I think the blossoms still work!

March 2022

March is a pretty busy month, it’s usually when I start a big spring clean at home; (tips welcome) and even in the garden! All good fun, though I must remember it’s the UK Mother’s Day at the end of the month too.

My Cherry Blossom Journal Theme Monthly Title Page

After three months, I will be continuing this simple colour scheme throughout the year, and keeping each design very much the same at it’s core. I did enjoy these cherry blossom doodles on my March title page.

Cherry Blossom Journal Theme - Bujo March 2022
I really want to sort out the craft room this month too (again!), you can find out more about my creative space in this post!

Plans and Goals

As you can see I will also be sharing my Easter craft ideas this month. This is because I’ll be taking part in the April A-Z Challenge again this year; and so regular content will change for the month. In it’s place 26 posts – one for every letter of the alphabet – from Monday to Saturday each week.

Cherry Blossom Journal Theme - Bujo March 2022

I’ve not mentioned that I am doing a personal doodle a day challenge yet, have I? Nothing spectacular, just a tiny doodle every day. Throughout February I stuck to a Valentine’s theme, January was hobbies. Not sure what I’ll do this month, flowers perhaps?

Cherry Blossom Journal Theme

I really like my theme for this month, it really puts me in mind of springtime, and blossoms starting to appear on trees! I am all for an end to winter.

Cherry Blossom Journal Theme - Bujo March 2022

As you can see the blossom theme has continued on my weekly spread pages, with little doodles.

Craft Month

As March is Craft Month, I will be sharing more over on Instagram; as well as taking part in a challenge!

Craft Month - #CrafticChallenge

Head on over to my Instagram to find out more, and also give @Crafticland a follow too!

Will you be doing anything for Craft Month? What are you working on at the moment? Let me know un the comments, or of course come and chat on any of my socials, you can find all links below.

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3 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Journal Theme – March 2022

  1. Hi Kay – Found you through the A to Z sign up. Looking forward to reading your A to Z. I am a crafter as well and love getting inspiration from others. Good luck on the A to Z!

  2. February did seem fast, didn’t it! I do like the rain in March and that it is still light after work for longer! 😁

    The cherry blossom doodle looks incredible!

    I’m not sure what craft to work on this month. I haven’t had much time recently, which is a shame. I’ll be keeping track of your craft month images over on Instagram. Thank you for sharing. 😊

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