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Anniversary and Wedding Cards: April A-Z

Hello April! It’s that time again, A-Z Challenge season! This month I am keeping things simple, sharing makes, past and present, as well as a few I’ll try to create just for the challenge! I am beginning with some pretty positivity, with handmade Anniversary and Wedding cards!

An A-Z of handmade cards - April A-Z Challenge 2022

Each post I will try to share around five or six pics of handmade cards, using different styles, methods and elements. For an added challenge, I will be working entirely from my craft stash! (I do have a ridiculous amount of papers, embelishments and what not to use!)

The April A-Z Challenge

What is it all about? Basically posting every day throughout April, except Sundays. Following the alphabet, whether keeping to a theme or otherwise. It’s a great challenge, and one of my favourite parts is meeting other bloggers!

You can find out more here.

An A-Z of Handmade Cards

This year for MY April A-Z Challenge; I have chosen a running theme of handmade cards. Although I make cards for every occasion, it is rare these days, for me to actually share them! So throughout April I will be sharing cards I have made, to both share, and perhaps inspire others to give card making a try! I will endeavour to use a variety of creative methods, covering many every-day events.

Anniversary and Wedding Cards

Cards for weddings and anniversaries are some of my favourite to make! I love the “special” anniversaries, as I get to play around with a theme or colour scheme, and as much as I’d love to, I haven’t used them all here! I did pick some fun examples though (I hope).

These are intentionally simple at the moment, as I generally personalise cards, or add appropriate sentiments, when it comes to using them! It also means I can sneakily use them for other anniversaries! Although the middle and right are Ruby and Blue Sapphire, they could equally get used for golden or silver anniversaries; I’m sneaky like that.

Wedding cards are really fun, because you can do so much, whether it’s matching a theme, or style, or choosing something personally reflecting the happy couple.

For more wedding and anniversary crafting, check out this post.

I hope you will join me throughout the month for the challenge, and of course, I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Feeel free to share your favourite card featured, or a related story! If you’re taking part in the challenge, I’d love to visit, but please leave a relevant comment if leaving a link.

If you want to see what else is happening this month, do check out my Instagram or Twitter.

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9 thoughts on “Anniversary and Wedding Cards: April A-Z

    1. Thank you so much! It’s a labour of love, I do really enjoy making them.
      Good luck with the challenge too! I’ll be sure to stop by 🙂

  1. Happy April! I am looking forward to seeing your posts for the A-Z challenge.

    I love card making, so I am excited to see your creations. I love the blue ‘happily ever after’ card with tiny hearts and a little ribbon!

    Good luck with this challenge! 😊

    1. Thank you!!
      I am in love with the blue heart print paper… I don’t have much left now!
      It’s a tough challenge, but hopefully I’ll get ahead at some point and lower my stress levels! (I do have a handful of cards already but not enough for the whole month haha…

  2. Hi! Stopping by from the A to Z. I’m a card maker too, among other paper crafts. I did an A to Z one year on the different cards I make too. It will be interesting to follow yours.

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