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Rainy Days Journal Theme – April 2022

What an eventful month March has been. A lot of work and not much down-time; though I’m optimistic for a less hectic April. Before the month is out, I am sharing my rainy days journal theme, as there won’t be time in April!

Bujo Share

I’m sticking to a black and red theme for my bullet journal so far; but I think the blossoms still work!

April 2022

We have some grand plans for later in April, as we want to do a bit of decorating. Other than that, just enjoying the springtime, hopefully getting out a little more often, and generally carrying on as normal. Oh and of course, somewhere halfway, enjoying a lot of chocolate…

What do you have planned for April?

My Rainy Days Journal Theme Monthly Title Page

I had a bit of fun with my rainy days theme. I mean, they say that April showers bring May flowers, so I’m all for a bit of rain in that sense, but it has lately been wonderfully dry and sunny! It was fun to draw though!

Rainy Days journal theme - April 2022 (Title Page)
We are really hoping to get out a little more in April and have even signed up to Cornish Heritage, which allows entry to all English Heritage locations in Cornwall. You can check out some of our previous days out here.

Plans and Goals

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, I’ll be taking part in the April A-Z Challenge again this year. My regular content will change for the month. In it’s place 26 posts – one for every letter of the alphabet – from Monday to Saturday each week. This is quite the challenge, since (as ever) I haven’t been especially organised.

Rainy Days journal theme - April 2022 (Goals Page)

This is also why my April bujo pages are getting shared at the end of March!

Rainy Days Journal Theme

I’m not sure how pessimistic I’m being with my rainy days theme for April, but although the sun has been out for a few days, it’s still not feeling entirely spring-like yet!

Rainy Days journal theme - April 2022 (Weekly Spread)

As usual I carried the theme over with little rainy day based doodles, with the exception of Easter of course!

As I said content will be a little different next month, but I’ll still be sharing random bits here and there over on Twitter and Instagram!

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