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Easy Easter Felt Characters

Easter isn’t a massive thing, and I try to come up with a few ideas, just to make some token posts here on the blog, to be seasonally relevant, and also to maybe (as ever) inspire you to get creative! Today I am sharing some cute and easy Easter felt characters!

Easter - The Craft Room and Beyond

If you have more Easter craft ideas, feel free to share a link in the comments!

Easy Easter Crafts

Looking for something fun for the holidays perhaps? An easy craft?

These are cute and SO versatile, whether you wanted to leave them open at the bottom to hide an easter egg (a small one). Add a hanging ribbon to hang it from an Easter themed tree, or to stuff them and make cute decorations!

What I Used

  • Felt sheets (I used yellow, white and pink)
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Matching Thread
  • Buttons (or beads) for eyes

Optional Extras – Ribbon, stuffing, pom poms and so on.

Felt Sheets in Easter Colours

Easy Easter Felt Characters

These are totally versatile, and of course you could do so many more characters, but as a jumping off point, I made a chick and a rabbit. I cut out two basic “snowman” shapes from the white and yellow felt, and then some pieces for paws/wings and ears. (Top tip: fold the felt in half and then cut, you get two idential pieces that way!)

Easy Easter Felt Characters

Choosing some matching threads, I added in the smaller details; beak, nose, and so on, as well as adding buttons for eyes (which is SO hard, they looked a bit evil with some choices!) I then stitched around the edges, fixing all the pieces in place, with a basic blanket stitch.

For more Easter crafts, check out this post.

You could choose to leave a gap in the bottom to fit them over a small chocolate egg, or even attach some ribbon to the top to hang from an Easter tree, if that’s your thing, either way the method is essentially the same. These are really fast to make, and can be done quickly if prepared in advance.

Easy Easter Felt Characters

I think these turned out pretty cute! I tried to keep them as simple as possible. You could of course try out any seasonal characters using the same basic template, and change the size to suit. Felt is widely available and not very costly, so it’s great for seasonal craft projects!

Have you done any Easter crafting? Or will you be nearer the time?

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