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Lovely Ladybirds Journal Theme – May 2022

April is always an adventure! Coupled with working a lot, up until the end of the month, and a week off for decorating! (All shall be revealed soon). May is looking a bit more relaxed, with some down time, some days out and of course, crafting! Here is this months lovely ladybirds journal theme.

Bujo Share

Ladybirds was an easy choice to keep the red and black theme going strong! (Though I did add a little green…)

May 2022

This month, I don’t have much planned, perhaps sharing some advanced Jubilee crafting ideas. We’re hoping to get out and about if the weather decides to improve! Last month’s theme seemed apt as it turns out!

What do you have planned for May?

My Lovely Ladybirds Journal Theme Title Page

I knew I wanted to do ladybirds at some point this year, and it just ended up being May, which is usually when they start to appear, so it’s quite fitting really!

Lovely Ladybirds Journal Theme -Title Page May 2022

I did add some flowers as well… Optimism perhaps, but I’d like to get the garden sorted out again this month!

Plans and Goals

As usual, the basic plans and goals and trackers… I really liked this floral washi, I actually bought it after drawing in the month!

Lovely Ladybirds Journal Theme -Plans and Goals May 2022

I’d like to send out some happy mail this month, I miss doing it. It kind of depends on how much time I have though; and of course, if you’re interested in exchanging, get in touch!

For more of my Bujo stuff, you can click here and here for more!

Lovely Ladybirds Journal Theme

My weekly spreads are staying the same this year, but I’ve changed up bits of it here and there, when it comes to headers and mini drawings.

Lovely Ladybirds Journal Theme -Weekly Spread - May 2022

I’m also keeping track of notable events through the year, as well as tracking other stuff, like tv shows we’ve been watching! Do you bujo? What do you keep track of?

Quite a basic month, after the chaos of April! If you’d like to follow other stuff I get up to, it’s worth following on Twitter, as I spend most of my online time there!

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