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Bedroom Redecorating – Boring to Bliss

The original talk about plans for bedroom redecorating happened back in 2020. And again last year. The trouble is, we rent, and we have a lot of stuff; couple that with two indoor cats and it all becomes a bit of a work up… We got there eventually!

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In this post I thought I’d keep it brief, but share how we changed our bedroom simply by changing the paintwork! I’d still consider it a bit of a work in progress, but it looks miles better now!

Bedroom Redecorating – Boring

We rent, so as you can imagine if you’re a fellow Brit, we are surrounded by magnolia walls. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are worse colours, and I honestly have no desire to re-paint the entire house! However in my opinion the bedroom should be separate from the rest of the house, a place to relax at the end of the day… Here’s how it looked.

There we go. Your typical small-ish double room, filled with a ton of storage, as well as a fitted wardrobe. We can’t alter the layout, because, well, that’s where the plugs are, and there are only two double sockets either side of the bed. We can change the colour though. Because these magnolia walls are tired, and boring!

Paint Choices

I sort of already knew what colour scheme I wanted. We have a dado rail (chair rail?) around the middle of the walls, and I wanted to break up the colours, choosing “blue” and “biscuit”. That was the plan.

We actually found the browny beige colour straight away. Crown Paints in Picnic Basket. It was just what we’d both envisaged, not too dark, not too light.

The blue was a bit of a struggle, it needed to be light enough to not look like the bathroom (also blue), but not too grey, or purple, or… well… 4 tester pots later, we ended up with the somewhat less imaginatively titled Powder Blue (actually also Crown Paints, which wasn’t planned!)

I have worked with Crown Paints before, though this post isn’t sponsored; you can check out that post here!

We also picked up some totally standard white gloss, for skirtings, fitted wardrobe doors and so on.

Armed with dust sheets, rollers, brushes and lots of tea, we were ready!

Bedroom Redecorating (Day 1) – Prep

We booked a week off work, because this was going to be a pain and a rush otherwise, which also coincided with getting the front window replaced (unrelated), so the clearing out the room day, was just that. Clearing out, and cleaning. Prep is a big thing, and definitely important, so we moved what we could, and dusted, wiped and hoovered. Thrilling stuff. In the meantime we began the fun holiday of sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room!

Painting (Day 2) – Gloss

Tape. Lots of tape. Masking up and sheeting the floor, either side of the dado rail and door edges etc. Then we cracked on with the gloss.

I read literally everywhere to do the gloss last. But you can wash emulsion off gloss, but not the other way around. I will say we didn’t rush this job at all. Because we were both off work, and like, it was warm. And painting is boring. Two coats through the day. Job done.

Painting (Day 3) – Blue

Colour yay! We cracked on with the Powder Blue. I will say yay for choosing Crown Paints (not an ad) but their paint is odour free, so although we had the windows open, the house didn’t smell all painty. Great paint too, we used one tin of each colour which was pretty good.

Bedroom Redecorating Powder Blue Paint

It went on well, though we both quickly learned that we hate cutting in. And having good brushes is definitely something that makes it easier.

Side Projects

Between painting the Powder Blue coats, I decided, since we had the paint out, to re-paint the inside of the bathroom and toilet doors (retro separate rooms in our house). I also touched up some other areas of skirting… I could have done more, but I was supposed to be focused on the bedroom!

There were a few of these moments during this week. I took some time to add some vinyl to the hall cupboard, smartening that up a bit. It was horrible, there are air bubbles (no matter how hard I tried) but it looks fine. It’s only hiding books, but I think it looks nicer.

Side Project, vinyl on glass door

I also picked up some new net curtains for the front windows, on an impromptu trip into town for some lunch. I’m not necessarily a fan, but I also don’t like people staring in the windows!

Painting (Day 4) – Brown

It’s basically the last day (haha), we did the lower half with the Picnic Basket paint today, and again, went on quickly and easily. even on the radiator (it’s fine, honestly).

We spent that afternoon running around shopping, between paint coats, and I picked up some storage baskets, to replace the random odd boxes I keep things in on my shelves. These boxes and the fresh lampshades are the only NEW purchases for the room (aside from paint).

Bedroom Redecorating – Boring to Bliss

The next day we got everything back in the room, put on some fresh bedding, and we were done!

Just in time for me to head into town and catch a matinee of Blood Brothers!

I did share throughout on Twitter, complete with these same daily update photos, but I thought it would be nice to have a blog post to immortalise the change! The only thing left now is to find something new to go above the bed, but we’re not sure what! Ideas more than welcome!

What do you think?

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