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Pretty Handmade Fabric Storage Box

I am a big fan of storage, but sometimes you just can’t find something that is the right size, or looks right… In the end I decided to create my own, which is super simple! Using only two fat quarters of fabric, and an old cardboard box; to make a pretty handmade storage box for my planner and supplies, so they are tidy and to hand.

On the desk...

This is quite an easy project, and can be done in a few different ways, depending on the time you have of the skills and equipment you have available.

Handmade Fabric Storage Box

I love having my planner supplies to hand, but we all know it’s not just a book and pen in reality. Things were starting to pile up and I decided I needed a box to keep everything in, but I simply couldn’t find one I liked. So I decided to make one!

Pretty Handmade Storage Box

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to use two of the fat quarters I recently picked up in Hobbycraft, designed by The Crafty Lass, the Petal and Pip collection is full of pretty florals!

What I Used

  • 2x fat quarters of fabric
  • scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine (optional)
  • needle and thread
  • cardboard box
  • spray adhesive fabric glue

How I Made it

I cut my cardboard box into pieces I needed to make the box. Simply measuring the pieces and cutting them to size. Of course you need two sides, a front and back and a base. I then cut out my fabric about half an inch bigger than these pieces all round. I did a piece for all sides in each fabric.

Petal and Pip Fat Quarter fabric collection

Measuring my seams, I acually stitched my fabric pieces into pockets for the cardboard; first pinning, then sewing around three edges to join the two different designs together. To keep things neat, I stitched with pattern inside, and then turned them out, using a tool to keep my corners neat. Then, using fabric glue to keep things in place added the cardboard pieces to fit snugly inside. I ran it through the machine to attach each side of the open edges to the base piece of fabric, as well as the sides up to the point I couldn’t use the machine.

The edges I couldn’t sew, as the storage box took shape, I carefully stitched up freehand.

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The Finished Handmade Storage Box

This is of course not a totally strong box, though a little sturdier than using just fabric, to handle the weight of my planner, notebook and other stationery. You could use thicker cardboard, or even layers to make your box stronger. This is really versatile!

I think it looks really pretty, and definitely smarter than a pile of bits and pieces! You can of course also decorate your storage box with ribbon, buttons and more, if you so wish!

Pretty handmade fabric storage box, with journal

If you decide to make one, let me know! I’d love to see how you get on!

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2 thoughts on “Pretty Handmade Fabric Storage Box

  1. I like this! I would add some pockets or channels inside for individual pens, make them nice and easy to fish out 🙂

    1. I would have, but I have a pencil case… and it means if I change up any of my equipment, I don’t need to adjust anything and nothing becomes pointless!

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