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Jubilee Baking Ideas Fit For a Royal Party

Soon it will be party season, whether it’s a summer BBQ, chilling with friends, or celebrating the upcoming Platinum Jubilee. With that in mind, here are some Summer/Jubilee baking ideas! Cakes, and sweet treats perfect for any summer celebrating!

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What follows are just some basic ideas, so by all means if you have a great recipe, let me know!

Summer Bakes/Jubilee Baking Ideas

To me, summer is BBQ season, and I love to bring along treats. Mostly because I quite enjoy baking, and usually use it as an excuse to make a batch of something!

I’m a big fan of cupcakes, and have shared my recipes here on the blog more than once, check out this post for a favourite!

Strawberry Cupcakes

I was definitely going for a strawberries and cream thing here. These are actually just basic vanilla cupcakes topped with fresh strawberries, but they definitely look the part!

Strawberries and cream cupcakes made by Kay aka craftroomandbeyond

You could even add some flavouring or strawberry pieces to the cake batter, for even more!

Classic Victoria Sponge Cake

Super easy to bake, and always a joy! Victoria sponge is a brilliant beginner cake if you’re not a confident baker!

Classic victoria sponge cake
Photo by bales on Unsplash

Of course though the token filling is strawberry or raspberry jam and cream, you could mix it up with different flavours, and use buttercream for something a little longer lasting!

Jubilee Baking – Red White and Blue Cupcakes

If you want something a little more dramatic when it comes to Jubilee baking ideas, why not play around with frosting!

Jubilee Baking (by Kay aka craftroomandbeyond) circa 2012

I made these for the Jubilee back in 2012! Use gel colour for deeper colours in your buttercream.

You could even swirl your colours together, like I did with these cakes!

Cupcakes with pink and blue swirled icing

It looks way more complicated than putting your colours carefully separate in the piping bag and going for it!

Classic or Mini Scones

Scones are actually super easy to make, and are of course a typically British treat! Perfect with jam and clotted cream… And remember here in Cornwall #JamFirst.

Cornish cream tea, scones #JamFirst
Image from

Are you celebrating the Jubilee? If you are making anything, let me know in the comments, or tag me over on Twitter or Instagram!

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