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Jubilee Crafts – Easy Handmade Bunting

As the celebrations are nearly here, I thought I’d share some Jubilee crafts, starting with easy handmade bunting!

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While we won’t be doing much to celebrate the Jubilee; that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to craft and have a little fun!

Jubilee 2022 – What is it?

The Queen is now the longest reigning monarch; and is approaching her 70th year on the throne! Impressive even if you are not a huge royalist. While I am not inclined to share my personal views; I thought I would share some content, suitable for any celebrating, should anyone want to do any crafting.

Jubilee Crafts – Easy Handmade Bunting

Of course union flag and even jubilee fabric is available; but I just kept to a red, white and blue colour scheme. This is mostly because, as I put up bunting every year; I didn’t want to have to replace it; and come August, union flag bunting would probably be a little out of place!

Jubilee 2022 - Easy Handmade Bunting - Fabric

To keep things suited to the Jubilee, I chose some vibrant fabrics in red, white and blue; in a visit to my local Hobbycraft. I also picked up some white bias binding (because it’s super easy to use for bunting).

Jubilee 2022 - Easy Handmade Bunting

I cut out a cardboard template for my pennant flags; and cut out my triangles, before going over the edges with my pinking scissors. This stops the fabric fraying, and because I don’t bring it indoors; I don’t do any layering, and simply cut flat pieces. I pin the bunting to a fence, so it doesn’t need to look good on the reverse side. This saves time on hemming as well! (I did say this was easy bunting!)

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Once all the pieces are cut (for 2m binding I cut three triangles of the four different fabrics); pin evenly across folding the binding over the tops to create a clean finish; then simply run through a sewing machine, or hand stitch them in place. Once done, pin in place, it’s as simple as that!

And there you have it Jubilee Handmade Bunting! (Or just for fun!)

Jubilee 2022 - Easy Handmade Bunting

Have you been doing any jubilee crafting? Let me know in the comments, or of course tag me over on Twitter (I’ll share what I see!).

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