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A Sunny Day Out in Mevagissey

The Jubilee is getting nearer, and apparently the weather knows! While the sun was shining, we decided to head out for a wander. We decided we were long overdue for a visit to the harbour, for a sunny day out in Mevagissey!

A day out to...

Mevagissey is a pretty harbourside village, near St Austell in Cornwall. Well known for catering to tourists and locals alike, with shops food and drink aplenty.

This is a little different to a lot of my day out posts, as we simply went out for a walk! Mevagissey however, is beautiful, with a few shops, and various eateries; a museum of local interest (well worth a look!) and a small aquarium where you can learn about all the species found in the harbour area!

A Sunny Day Out in Mevagissey

Known colloquially as Meva, it’s a lovely place for a short wander. You do have to park up in the town car park, for which there is a small fee; and then walk down to the harbour. It’s not a long walk, and is definitely worth it!

Mevagissey Harbour Boats

We stopped in at the museum, which has lots of local history, and interesting info! They have two trails for kids too! Then we just had a nice slow walk around, taking photos and enjoying the weather.

A Sunny Day Out in Mevagissey Cornwall
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Jubilee Decorations

A visit to Meva isn’t complete without a walk around the harbour, great for photos generally. This visit, with the Jubilee coming up it was wonderful! Lots of handmade “yarn bomb” creations along the way, and of course – those wonderful views!

There are lots of places to take photos. Also without a doubt, if you’re not grabbing fish and chips, get a pasty or an ice cream too! Check out the local shops and support some small businesses while you’re here.

I hope you enjoyed this little walk around, and of course you can check out lots more days out ideas following the header above. You can also try using the search bar.

Do you have any favourite places in Cornwall you’d like to see a blog post on? Let me know in the comments or socials, I’m most active on Twitter but all my links can be found at the bottom of the page.

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