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Jubilee 2022 Easy Cross-Stitch Crowns

One final craft for the Jubilee this weekend, something quick and simple to make, and a great keepsake! Some cute and easy cross-stitch crowns. You can even make up your own designs.

On the desk...

I’ve been cross-stitching for a long time now. I like to refer to it as my gateway craft!

To make these, I honestly just drew out a basic crown shape and went from there; which also means if you’re even a little creative, you can modify these to your hearts content!

Jubilee 2022

We are mid-celebrations at this point! Our plans are a family and friends BBQ at Stu’s Mum’s place, so we shall all be having a lovely time, and basically enjoying the excuse to relax and celebrate together in the sun. Although it is a long weekend, I am (of course) working for a couple of days, but hoping to make the most of my days off!

Are you doing anything to celebrate this week?

Easy Cross-Stitch Crowns

I made two of these, just as something cute to keep, as a memento of the Jubilee celebrations. Several could be made, to make some stitched bunting, or even used on disolvable aida to add a stitched monogram to anything!

These are actually both stitched on white… I don’t know why the colour has gone so weird on the red one.

Part of me wishes I’d thought ahead enough to have coloured aida, I quite like the idea of doing some on red and blue fabric too. For the designs, I just drew on some graph paper, and tried to keep things reasonably simple.

For more Jubilee craft ideas, check out this post.

Have you been doing any crafting for the Jubilee celebrations? Let me know in the comments, or find me on Twitter, I’ll RT all I see. Of course all my other socials can be found at the bottom of the page.

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