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Nautical Journal Theme – July 2022

June was a fairly busy month! Lots of work, which hasn’t been great for content, but there’s a little there. And at the end of the month a fun family visit! July is not quite as hectic. For now though, I am starting the month as I always do, sharing my bujo, and this month I have a nautical journal theme!

Bujo Share

There’s a bit of black… and definitely red… I may have strayed from the monochrome theme a little this month.

July 2022

This month, I have a few things planned. Car shows. Generally relaxing, as summer is when work calms down. Maybe some time in the garden if we get around to having a bit of a clean up!

What do you have planned for July?

My Nautical Journal Theme Title Page

I really wanted to do a nautical spread, at least when I started. Now it’s kind of one of my least favourite. But the doodling was still pretty fun.

Nautical Journal Theme - July 2022

I am planning on generally keeping to the red and black theme, although some other colours may creep in a little here and there, like er, this blue and grey.

Plans and Goals

As usual, the basic plans and goals and trackers… Keeping up with my daily doodles, I never did get properly back into Instagram. In fairness socials in general have been pretty ignored! Is it a summer thing?

Hopefully this month there will be some car shows, some days out, and some sunshine to enjoy.

For more of my Bujo stuff, you can click here and here for more!

Nautical Journal Theme

My weekly spreads are staying the same this year, but I’ve changed up bits of it here and there, when it comes to headers and mini drawings. The Nautical theme kinda had to happen somewhere, so it ended up being this month!

Weekly Spread - Nautical Journal Theme - July 2022

Is it weird that I’m already starting to think of my bujo plans for next year? I do already have my planner! Yet again it’s the same Stationery Island planner, but feel free to guess the colour!!

I’m looking forward to the month ahead, and getting back into a little more relaxed levels of work/life/blogging balance. For more of me, it’s worth following on Twitter, as I spend most of my online time there, of course you can find all of my socials at the bottom of the page!

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2 thoughts on “Nautical Journal Theme – July 2022

  1. I hope you had a lovely family visit! Have you done what you planned for July and enjoyed some time in the garden?

    I love the nautical theme; the doodle of the anchor looks great! I like that you followed a red and black theme, as it stands out. I can’t wait to see the theme for August. 😊

    Thank you for sharing. 😊

    1. Thank you 🙂
      I’ve been working a lot so far! I’ve been out there a little bit. But everything is cleaned up, so it’s there when we can.

      It’s been fun sticking to a colour theme, it meant I could do a lot ahead of time to an extent, and play around with the idea of “something” that would work for each month!

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