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A Day Out To – Glendurgan Garden – Rainbows of Colour

Since returning from Spain, I haven’t had time for the holiday blues, as it’s safe to say the weather here at home has been wonderful! We made the most of it this weekend; using our National Trust membership and visiting Glendurgan Garden for a sunny walk, now that flowers everywhere are blooming and things are far less wintery!

A day out to...

Glendurgan Garden is a valley garden located in Mawnan Smith (not far from Falmouth) Cornwall, we were close to here when we visited Trebah Garden at the beginning of the year.

Glendurgan Garden
Red flowers…

Glendurgan is another beautiful example of a valley garden! There was just so much colour everywhere! And I feel the need to stress that none of the photos in this post have been edited or filtered in any way!

Glendurgan was purchased by Alfred Fox in 1820, and the garden, created with not only adults but with the entertainment of children in mind… You can find a giant swing on your walk, as well as many exotic and colourful plants, shrubs and trees!

Glendurgan Garden
Orange Blossoms…

We arrived in the early afternoon, to find a busy but not full car-park, and stayed for around three hours! There is a tea room on site; a counter selling locally produced ice cream; and a gift shop where you can buy a souvenir; a present or even a plant or two to brighten up your own garden!

Glendurgan Garden
Yellow Flowers…

Even as two grown adults we had fun working our way through the cherry laurel maze! Dating back to 1833 it is still wonderfully well maintained; and dare I say fairly challenging?!

Glendurgan Garden
Beautiful Green cherry laurel Maze
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The walk through the trees to look down over the maze was also incredibly beautiful. There are many places to stop and look down on the stunning valley below, and do some wildlife spotting too! For the kids, they even offer a nature challenge, to give them a start on things to look out for!

Glendurgan Garden
Blue sea and sky at Durgan beach…

The garden is only a short walk, and a gate away from Durgan; a small village at the edge of the Helford River. Here you can come and see the boats on the water; relax in the sun; and visit the information room to find out more about the surrounding river and its wildlife.

Glendurgan Garden
Purple flowers…

There is vibrant colour everywhere, from spring bluebells and primroses, to magnolias and rhododendrons, and of course the magnificent trees! 

Glendurgan Garden

Of course no trip to one of these gorgeous gardens is complete without a stop for some tea and freshly homemade cake right?

Glendurgan Garden

For those with more of an appetite there were plenty of hot and cold food and drinks choices available; and lots of seating both inside and outside the bright cheery tea room. We had a wonderful day out, and of course you can find out more on the National Trust Website.

The content in this post is purely my opinion; based on my personal experience; and has not been sponsored in any way.

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  1. Aww lucky you, I’ve also recently got back from Spain, but I mostly seem to have had grey weather. That garden looks lovely! Will have to add it to my list of places to visit <3

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! Glendurgan is a great place to visit! It’s been lovely exploring places virtually on our doorstep this year, something so many of us don’t do I think!

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