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This or That Challenge Tag

This blog has been going for quite a while now, and as much as I share what’s going on, and places I go, I very rarely share much about myself; so I thought I’d take part in the This or That Challenge Tag!

This or That Challenge Tag

Since I saw this over on Jenny’s blog Jenny in Neverland a little while ago, I thought it could be a fun idea, a break from the usual and so here is the This or That Challenge Tag, a sort of “getting to know you” Q&A.

Here we go, this is a quite random 23 questions. I won’t tag anyone, but feel free to copy them down and post your own, and send me a link so I can be nosey and see your answers!

Me (Kay) writer of this mad blog

Shower in the morning or in the evening?

Usually evenings for me, mostly because my hair takes forever to dry, and whenever possible I don’t like to blow dry it.

Also then I just have to have a quick wash in the morning, so don’t have to get up so early (because morning person I am not!). Also if on the rare occasion I decide to straighten my hair, it takes ages, so at least it’s washed and dry before I start! 

City centre or close to nature?

Both? We’re in the city centre, and that’s great for me, because I don’t struggle to get anywhere, as I don’t drive. Having everything I need within walking distance is a bit of a must! Luckily though living in Cornwall, natural spaces are never too far away.

Growing up I didn’t have that, but I am so happy having so much choice of where to spend time now, be it country gardens, city shops or sandy beaches!

Marazion Beach

Bright colors or neutrals?

I love colour, but still tend to stick with black, white, blue or grey with a pop of something more vibrant! Love a bit of bright red lippy though!

Weird or stupid?

Weird… Definitely weird, it keeps things interesting!

Stupidity is somewhat vexing, especially if it is simply wilful ignorance!

Spring or autumn?

Oh autumn!

I love it, still warm, but so much colour!

I do like spring, because it’s the end of winter, and things get a bit brighter and cheerier, but I love Autumn, when it starts to cool down enough for wearing boots and comfy jumpers, and sitting with some nice crusty bread and a bowl of soup!

Not to mention my birthday is at the end of November, and of course the lead up to *that time of year* and all the excitement of fireworks and halloween!

Ah it’s so hot right now. I’m loving the summer, but I am sort-of looking forward to it cooling down a little! I’m not a big fan of all the rain though!

Colour My Everyday Leaves

Mint or cinnamon?

Mint! I’m not a big fan of cinnamon generally, in moderation yes, but too much is a no from me.

Planned or spontaneous?

Planned. I don’t dislike spontaneity, but I do prefer to be organised and at least have a vague plan! I don’t handle surprises very well! I’m fine if I know nothing at all, but I prefer knowing what’s happening.

A movie at home or at the movie theatre?

Both! I love going to the cinema, but I watch more films than TV generally!

So both it is! 

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Espresso or latte?

Neither, I don’t drink coffee at all!

Tea all the way! (Milk, one sugar, thanks!)

Asking questions or answering questions?

I’m probably better at answering, I feel like I’d be pretty bad at trying to come up with something like this, for example! (SEE BELOW)

Hugs or kisses?

Hugs, there’s something SO good about a GOOD hug. Just amazing!

Us and Cats
Stu and Loki, Me and Sid

Spicy or mild food?

Spicy. Not too hot, but yeah, thinking about a lot of food I like, I’d have to go with spicy.

Leather or lace?

If I had to choose, then leather, as someone who owns around three or four leather jackets… which are all weirdly similar… Mixing both can be a great look though!

Overdressed or under-dressed?

Neither… Appropriately dressed!

Unless I’m just chilling at home, then possibly under-dressed. Thanks to my cats I have far too many pairs of crappy leggings with holes in them!

Adventure or comfort?

How adventurous an adventure?!

I’m in, ok, adventure! Why not! (But comfort after?)

TV-series or movies?

I’ll surprise everyone here, and say MOVIES! Obviously. 

There are a few series I really love though… I should post on the blog more about films and stuff. What do you think?

Rock or country music?

Both. Genuinely love both genres. I like quite a wide range of music in fairness!

A couple of years ago I’d have probably answered Rock, but I’ve developed a bit of country love over time!

Red or white wine?

Hmmm… I like both. White wine is nice in the summer because it’s cold. But I’d probably generally choose red over white… I sometimes even drink rose! 

Salou 2018 Hotel Estival Wine

Working alone or in a team?

I say both a lot don’t I?!

Working alone has its perks, I’m pretty organised, and can manage perfectly fine alone, but when there’s a good team it’s great for motivation, and support. So both. 

Swimming or sunbathing?

Swimming. Possibly. I don’t do much of either anymore, but I’d feel too much like I should be doing something else if I was just laying around in the sun… Unless I’m on holiday and supposed to be relaxing! I used to really enjoy swimming. 

Fast food or sit-down restaurant?

Restaurants are so nice. It’s a nice escape. Gets us out of the house… I mean fast food is great too, but I’d rather go to a restaurant given the choice!

Matched or mismatched socks?

Matched. I imagine the boyfriend would lose his mind if I started wearing odd socks haha!

Dancing or singing?

Singing. I love to sing. A lot. I always have, and I suppose I still do, though less publicly these days! It’s no secret that Stu and I both play guitar, we actually used to do open mic together!

Handmade card - Guitar

I thought I’d add a couple in, because 23 is an annoying number… or to me it is anyway, these are optional if you are doing the This or That Challenge Tag based on this post!

Knitting or sewing?

For me-of course-this is both, I do machine sewing (a little) and of course Cross-Stitch, but I like knitting. I’m waiting for the weather to cool down a bit before I get back on my knitting projects that have been patiently waiting for me!

Craft at home – or anywhere?

I do mostly craft at home, though I’ve been known to take things away with me, and even buy crafty stuff on holiday because I didn’t bring any with me! 

I’ve also done plenty of making on the go, whether it’s finishing something off in the car, or taking projects to work on in my lunch break at work!

This or That Challenge Tag - Pinnable Image

I hope you enjoyed the This or That Challenge Tag! It’s a bit of randomness to break up the norm, and a little more ME here, than usual! Let me know if you do this too, or have done before! And of course feel free to tag me in other tags!

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