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A Day Out To Blue Reef Aquarium

Recently when family were visiting; we visited Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay. We’d headed into Newquay for some shopping, and a visit to the beach; and the aquarium was a really fun addition to the day!

A day out to...

There were five of us in total; and we had a voucher for some money off too; which you can pick up in a lot of Cornwall visitors guides. These are widely available in the summer; and come with lots of vouchers for money off attractions all over Cornwall; which is great if you’re visiting or resident alike!

Blue Reef Aquarium - Pretty coral and sea urchins

Where is it?

Blue Reef Aquarium is located right on Towan beach in Newquay, and while parking is a little hit and miss; you can park at the top of town; and it’s only a short walk past the shops and you’re at the beach.

Blue Reef Aquarium - Piranhas

When you enter the aquarium and pay entry, you’ll have your hand stamped

Blue Reef Aquarium - Tiny neons

You are then free to walk around the aquarium. There is plenty to see in the many tanks of tropical and native species big and small.

Blue Reef Aquarium - Tropical fish

A wander around doesn’t necessarily take that long; but you’re welcome to stop and have a bite to eat in the on site cafe; or even pop out to the beach, and then return for some of the scheduled feeding times; which is a really nice touch!

Blue Reef Aquarium - Turtles


There are also fun things for the kids to do (as well as spotting a lot of the cast of Finding Nemo) when we went it was spotting coloured footballs in the tanks, on your way around, though this changes seasonally.

Blue Reef Aquarium - Clownfish (with a mini football)

When we were there, there was also a quiz on sea life and pollution to raise awareness of issues affecting the ocean environment worldwide. The answers to the questions could be found hanging from plastic bottles as we walked around the aquarium.

Blue Reef Aquarium - The alligator pool

We loved spotting the fish protecting their eggs, and also these alligators! Seeing how well all of the creatures coexist together, much like they would in the wild.

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Blue Reef Aquarium - Ray

Another area everyone enjoyed is the walk through tunnel, where you can see many different species of fish, including this ray, and the black tipped reef sharks!

Blue Reef Aquarium - sharks

Once through the underwater tunnel, you head above the surface for a different view of things, and it’s a great spot for taking photos or video!

Finally you reach the open pool area, this is the perfect place to spot Omiros, the rescued giant loggerhead turtle as he swims just below the surface.

Blue Reef Aquarium - Omiros

There is of course an on site gift shop too, to buy a little souvenir of your visit.

We love Blue Reef, and although it may be small, there is plenty to see and we’ve been more than once and always have a great time!

Do you have any favourite places to visit where you live?

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