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EK Tools Circle Punch * Review

The EK Tools Circle Punch in this post was gifted, all opinions are my own.

As a paper crafter (OK amongst many things!) I am really familiar with EK Success, their stickers, papers and punches are well-known and widely available online, even here in the UK, my Amazon wishlist contains far too many of their products (Disney range much!) This is of course even before I mention my slight Smash Book addiction (I’m up to six)

EK Tools Circle Punch Review

I follow them on Instagram; because they post loads of fun project ideas and inspiration!

EK Tools Circle Punch

Recently I was a bit cheeky, and admitting I didn’t have a circle punch, I jokingly asked if they’d send me one to take part in a challenge over on Instagram… And to my surprise they did!  Very quickly I received this EK Tools Large Punch – 2 ½” circle punch. Obviously a HUGE thank you goes out to them! I’ve wanted one of these for ages!

I said as they had been so kind I would review it here on the blog, so here we go….

The EK Tools Circle Punch

Firstly it is a nice solid punch, and doesn’t feel flimsy, it’s well packaged, and I like that I can lock the punch closed when I’m not using it. I also like the idea of making the flowers seen on the packaging, I shall have to add this to my list! 

EK Tools Circle Punch

What I really like is how versatile it is, you can use it to punch papers (or even photos) for scrapbook layouts. (This punch is the ideal size for 8×8 pages)

Punched circles to illustrate size against 8x8 scrapbooking paper

Also I got a really nice, clean edge both on paper and thin cardstock.

The punch doesn’t jam up, like some can, and so isn’t too hard to use.

Punched circle from patterned paper placed onto a card

Making a card:

And of course it’s great for card making, whether you want to cut a piece of pattern Or Produce a particular image This is a little much perhaps…

Circle Punch making a card

But a circle punch isn’t always just for punching circles…

card making

Placing your punched circle to one side of the punch, to cut a curve – Ah that’s better…

card making

Just the thing, I don’t like to waste papers if possible!

card making
card making

This literally took minutes to make, and using only two punches!

The cut is so clean, it looks great!

Not just circles:

Circle Punch - Creating Petals

The same principle can be used to produce other images too: Segments can be used as petals – (possibly need a smaller circle for the middle there…)

Circle Punch creating petals

Or perhaps ears… A bit late for Easter, but maybe some inspiration for next year…

Circle Punch making rabbit ears

We’re undecided as to whether this is a cat or a pig… What do you think?

card making
For some of my handmade cards – check out this post.

One more thing I love about this punch, is that I can use it to combine my love of card making with my love of cross-stitching – this size punch is so perfect for making apertures for small stitches: 

Circle Punch creating an aperture

A little plain perhaps… Well I don’t like to waste – how about what is left from punching out a circle…I just added some coordinating ribbon and I’m well on the way to a finished card!

card making

And as we’re over half way through the year, I had a little bit of fun trying out how well the punch worked around stamps and embellishments I have in my Christmas stash… Great for my tree stamp…

card making

And for my wooden embellishments!

card making

One more? I couldn’t resist! 

Disney card making

Over all this is a great product, which is a lot more versatile than it might initially seem!

I can see myself using it quite often!

Thank you for reading The Craft Room and Beyond

This was a gifted product, the content of this post is entirely my opinion, based on my personal experience.

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