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A Day Out To Cornwall Comic Con and Gaming Festival 2018

On August 5th, here in Truro, we got our first local comic con event!

A day out to...

There was plenty to see and do on this bright sunny day, and I thought I’d write a bit of a post to share some of our photos from the day!

Cornwall Comic Con and Gaming Festival – Where is it?

Held at Truro College, across multiple rooms and floors, offering great inclusive access to all, as well as free parking, in a great central location, with access to public transport. 

Cornwall Comic con and Gaming Festival

What is there?

There were not one, but two Transformers to meet outside in the sunshine along with Cars cars, and some other movie cars including the DeLorian from Back to the Future (complete with replica props from the films!)…

Cornwall Comic con and Gaming Festival Delorian

I loved spotting the Tardis; (and learned Peter Capaldi had been in here too, and he’d autographed it), and I also enjoyed joining in with the cosplay fun!

Cornwall Comic con and Gaming Festival Ed Elric, Dr Who police box

Definitely sort of makes me wish I’d brought my Doctor Who scarf….

We found the Iron Throne replica too! Perfectly positioned for a photo-op in one of the hallways, like this there was plenty to do, and access to many different rooms with things going on!

There was a cosplay QandA  in the Theatre, and a competition in the afternoon for both children and adults. There was also green screen setup in the front hall near the entrance for professional bespoke cosplay photographs on custom backgrounds.

Cornwall Comic con and Gaming Festival

The Jurassic Park Jeep was parked outside with more props too! Including the night-vision goggles and John Hammond’s famous cane.

Cornwall Comic con and Gaming Festival Jurassic Park Jeep


There was awesome cosplay turn out, this little Joker was one of my favourites! There were lots of great activities, like Hama bead art, glitter face painting and cosplay meetups, as well as photography and signing sessions with the guests (including Hannah Spearritt, Mark Dexter and Clem So).

Joker kid cosplay

Bumblebee was out in the courtyard playing some music and meeting guests! And Star Wars characters marched through the event to great fanfare!

Bumblebee Transformers


As you can see there were plenty of stalls selling all of your memorabilia favourites! Spread between several spaces there was lots to buy, from new T-shirts, to cosplay weaponry, and all sorts of movie based goodness both old and new!

Cornwall Comic con and Gaming Festival

There was of course plenty of hot and cold food; snacks and drinks on site; which were all reasonably priced. Lots of places to sit too, inside, or outside in the sun!

More cosplay goodness from Gamora and Star Lord! 

Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay

Daryl’s Motorbike from The Walking Dead was parked outside; along with his crossbow and a Lucille replica to protect ourselves from this creepy zombie girl!

Walking Dead Darryl's Bike


Inside and up the stairs; You come across a full corner devoted to Harry Potter for photo opportunities, a huge Hogwarts wall, or this creepy Aragog setup! You could also meet real life animals out on the front courtyard including owls and snakes!

Also for some great photo ops, Cornwall Comic con and Gaming Festival was proud to have UKNegan as a guest! And he was excellent! (If a little scary! OK he was lovely really!)

Cornwall Comic con and Gaming Festival - UK Negan

Fab Attack on Titan cosplay!

Attack on Titan cosplay


Downstairs; if the comic-con wasn’t enough; there was a whole room devoted to retro gaming. As well as more game style meetups upstairs near the theatre including a VR gaming setup!

There were some Dinosaur encounters out in the courtyard! We are assured that there were no major incidents!

Cornwall Comic con and Gaming Festival

Overall this was a brilliant event, and we hope it will return next year! We had good fun and met some fab people!

Have you been to any Comic Con events big or small? Let me know in the comments!

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0 thoughts on “A Day Out To Cornwall Comic Con and Gaming Festival 2018

  1. Hurrah for local comic cons! This is incredible, especially for the first one!

    My area had it’s 3rd one this year and they just keep getting better every year.

    Is that you in the Tardis?

    The cosplays are fab! I haven’t dressed up for ours yet, but I’ve gone a bit mad with carnival costumes in the past lol.

    Did you pick up any fun merch?

    1. I know!! They did so well!

      It was really good fun, and I’ve heard there are definitely plans for next year to happen so yay!

      It is indeed me in the Tardis and the Bf on the throne. Both are actually his photos and that’s why they’re cropped and not taken square lol.

      I didn’t do too much shopping but purely because I have loads of stuff already and need a clear out if anything- so much available though!

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