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Traveller Notebooks – For a Blogging Journey

I am a self-confessed stationery addict. Needing to stay organised; I have notebooks all over the place; an essential for everyone, blogger, traveller or just those that are busy! But recently have been utterly lost because my handbag sized notebook ran out; and I hadn’t got round to buying one! I just couldn’t find one that suited what I needed…

It is used for a lot; mostly blog planning and social media, but considering I’m also running #CraftBlogClub, I note down chat plans too. And then there’s day-to-day to-do list stuff.

Chatting on #CraftBlogClub fairly recently Sarah was sharing her handmade Traveller Notebooks from her site: Adventure Accessories. Which are utterly beautiful –

Adventure Accessories Traveller Notebooks
Photo stolen from Sarah on Twitter (@AdventureAccess)

Knowing Sarah makes custom notebooks, as well as the gorgeous map designs, we discussed a Lord of the Rings themed book, because, well, I’m a nerd. But of course, copyright. It couldn’t happen.

Copyright has come up before, when I shared a Disney themed project on  a Facebook group, and they said they couldn’t share it because it breaches copyright, which is wrong actually – the only reason being the items are not for sale. If it is not sold, it doesn’t breach copyright. It’s just a fun bespoke themed gift!

This weekend, unexpectedly, something dropped through my letterbox. Seriously you should’ve seen my face! It’s SO perfect! It’s SO me! It fits in my bag! Seriously, the pocket size is ideal, it’s not too bulky or too heavy to carry around.

Adventure Accessories Traveller Notebook

A Traveller Notebook for my adventures!

Traveller Notebook map lining

Suffice to say I am utterly overjoyed! I am so happy to be able share Sarah’s handiwork, because this notebook is amazing. Loads of pages, beautifully bound, great size for many scribblings and it looks fabulous! 

Traveller Notebook page binding

I can safely say this is a great gift idea too, when Stu saw it, his exact words were “Wow! That’s awesome!”

Traveller Notebook map lining 2

What is not to love, honestly, faux leather exterior, gorgeous map of middle earth inside, loads of pages, and I love the detail of the wrap tie to close! 

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Believe me, I have already got list upon list in there, because I want to use it! I think I’m on to something; when it comes to having a notebook I am kind-of obsessed with looking at!

Traveller Notebook - Middle Earth Map

If you want to find out more about Traveller Notebooks – and why you need one too, you can read Sarah’s own post here.

You can of course get one of these yourself, but not a LOTR one, because this was a one off for me. Which of course is amazing, and I can’t say thank you to Sarah enough!

Thank you for reading The Craft Room and Beyond

Does this need a disclaimer? OK, as stated this item was a gift.

All the opinions are mine.

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  1. I love stationery too!
    I have to stop myself from buying more as I have a draw full of them needing to be used.
    Love a visit to Paperchase!

    1. Alas, copyright means it’s just mine. Sarah does make custom books though and can work with people on themes!

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