The Friday Night Film

The movie challenge is simple and fun! A chance to watch films we might not normally choose… Introducing The Friday Night Film.

The 2022 Challenge

The Movie Chain Game! Starting with A (because where else do you start?) and following on with the last letter of the previous film… I wonder where it will lead us!

The Movie Chain Game - Movie Challenge 2022

You can read the whole challenge post here.

1 – Angel Has Fallen

2 – North By Northwest

3 – Total Recall

4 – Le Mans 66

5 – 6 Days

6 – Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

7 – Tropic Thunder

8 – The Rock

9 – The King’s Man

10 – The Number 23

11 – The Three Amigos

12 – Spider-Man Homecoming

13 – G

The 2020/2021 Challenge

No more arguing about who gets to pick! One jar, two colours and two of each letter of the alphabet, (The and A don’t count, so The Fog would be an F movie… etc etc)

For more info, check out the whole post here.

The Friday Night Film - an A-Z Movie Challenge

Short Summary:

Every Friday night we will choose a star from the jar, red is Kay’s choice, blue is Stu’s, each star is lettered from A-Z and the film must begin with that letter (“A” and “The” don’t count).

We did this in 2020, trying to pick films we own; but don’t choose to watch as often as others. We enjoyed this so much we’re doing it again in 2021! We made a few changes due to limited options and added “or #” so we can choose a movie beginning with a number in its place for some letters.

Join in!

You can of course create a movie jar of your own and join in, or just let us know what you would choose for some (or all!) of the letters, you can comment below or follow on Twitter and add yours in a comment for each letter when they are revealed!

The Friday Night Film 2021 Choices:

1- Gamer

2- Hellboy

3- The Breakfast Club

4- Baby Driver

5- Dreamcatcher

6- Team America World Police

7-The Island

8- Constantine

9-Empire Records

10- Office Space

11- V substituted for number – 300

12- The Man From U.N.C.L.E

13- Watchmen

14- Hearts in Atlantis

15- Eraser

16- The Punisher

17- Labyrinth

18- Rope

19- Fisherman’s Friends

20- The Mechanic

21- Snatch

22- The Driver

23- Twelve Monkeys

24- Little Shop of Horrors

25- Journey to the Centre of the Earth

26- Not Another… Teen Movie

27- Jaws

28- Kingsman – The Secret Service

29- Victor Frankenstein

30- Once

31- X-Men First Class

32- 2001 A Space Oddyssey

33- Gothika

34- The Crow

35- Zoolander

36- I:Robot

37- 16 Blocks

38- Zoolander 2

39- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

40- The Adjustment Bureau

41- Airplane!

42- Premonition

43- Wedding Crashers

44- X-Men 2

45- Needful Things

46- The Ugly Truth

47- Upside Down

48- 1408

49- Rush

50- Kingsman 2 – The Golden Circle

51- Finding Neverland

52- Quadrophenia

Our 2020 Choices:

1- Knockaround Guys

2- Police Academy

3- American Beauty

4- Sherlock Holmes

5- A Quiet Place

6- Wrong Turn

7- Urban Legend

8- Zombieland

9- Falling Down

10- NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind

11- Con Air

12- Forrest Gump

13- A Man Apart

14- Highlander

15- Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

16- Just Married

17- The Village

18- City of Ember

19- Lockout

20- Land of the Dead

21- the Vertigo

22- The Boat That Rocked

23- I Am Legend

24- The Golden Compass

25- Up

26- The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

27- Kiss the Girls

28- Yes Man

29- ET

30- The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

31- Interview With the Vampire

32- The Rocker

33- Three Amigos

34- True Lies

35- Spider-Man 2

36- Zombieland 2

37- Mad Max – Fury Road

38- Only Lovers Left Alive

39- Equilibrium

40- The Amityville Horror (’79)

41- The Omen

42- The Woman in Black

43- Queen of the Damned

44- Day of the Dead

45- The Book of Eli

46- Dolores Claibourne

47- You’ve Got Mail

48- Nurse Betty

49- Jingle all the Way

50- Planes Trains and Automobiles

51- xXx

52- xXx – The Return of Xander Cage

The end…

So, as we near the end of the year, and begin to look ahead; it is time to ask you, the audience, what you’d like to see here next year? Do you have any suggestions or ideas after this years challenge? Perhaps any other challenges; or things you’d like to see shared on the blog – leave a comment and let us know!

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