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12 Days Of Christmas 2019 – 3 – I Made Another Bauble Wreath!

So, apparently I have something of an addiction! I made a bauble wreath a couple of years ago, which you can find in last years Blogmas posts…

The first wreath lives in the hallway, which is decorated in blue white and silver. Our living room however is all traditional green red and gold! And so, I decided to make a second wreath for in there too!

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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Decorations – Bauble Wreath

For the first post in my Blogmas 2018 series I will be sharing how I made my gorgeous bauble wreath! This was so fun to make, and looks SO good hanging in my hallway.


This was a really fun piece to make, and so simple too. They are so versatile and it is possible to make them using all kinds of Christmas decorations. I used simple spherical baubles, and some a beaded strand to make the one in this post.

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