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Blogmas 2018 – Christmas Sparkle Cards

As in my previous card making posts as part of Blogmas, I will make and share four different cards to fit the theme. Today I’m sharing some handmade Christmas sparkle cards in black, white and gold.


All of my handmade cards are produced using a variety of methods; just to show how versatile it can be, making your own. If you want to know how I make a specific card in more detail; get in touch, and I can explain further on the Facebook page.

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Blogmas 2018 – Fizzi-Jayne – Stocking Fillers Under £10!

I have invited some friends to join me this Blogmas and my second guest this month is the lovely Fiona, owner of indie biz Fizzi-Jayne, crafter and all around lover of bright fun things!


Today Fi is here to share some amazing stocking fillers all under £10 from indie businesses across the web, as well as a little gift for you too..

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Blogmas 2018 – Our Favourite Christmas Comedies

So it’s another *Date Night* but it’s blogmas, so we thought to kick off some pre-Christmas fun we’d chat about our favourite Christmas Comedies!


We both love Christmas and watch loads of films throughout December, and we’ll share some more with you throughout the month sharing some of our favourite Christmas movies!

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Blogmas 2018 – Bright Christmas Cards

Throughout Blogmas this year, there will be recurring topics, and one of these will be handmade card ideas! In each of these posts I will make and share some cards to fit the post title “theme”. This time it’s bright Christmas cards.


The cards in each of the posts, will be produced using a variety of methods; just to show how versatile it can be, making your own Christmas cards. Over the month I will be sharing different styles, generally using punches, paper layering and stamping, though there will be different elements used here and there.

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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Decorations – Bauble Wreath

For the first post in my Blogmas 2018 series I will be sharing how I made my gorgeous bauble wreath! This was so fun to make, and looks SO good hanging in my hallway.


This was a really fun piece to make, and so simple too. They are so versatile and it is possible to make them using all kinds of Christmas decorations. I used simple spherical baubles, and some a beaded strand to make the one in this post.

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