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12 Days Of Christmas 2019 – 10 – Movie Inspired Christmas Cushion

Way back when I planned the Halloween Cat Cushion, I also planned this project! (How’s that for organised?!) So when I picked up the plain black cotton cushion cover in Ikea, I also picked up a red one!

When I say I planned this project, I knew I wanted to make a Christmas cushion. It was choosing the design that took a little more time!

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12 Days Of Christmas 2019 – 8 – NT Lanhydrock Masked Ball

Honestly we were going to do a different National Trust Christmas event this year, but then we heard about the NEW Masked Ball! And we had to go and check it out!

It is no secret that Lanhydrock House is probably my favourite National Trust property, it is incredible, and I’ve blogged about it more than once… But indulge me, and join me;

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12 Days of Christmas 2019 – 6 – Christmas Window Vinyls With My Cricut Maker

It’s quite nice at Christmas in our area, almost all of the houses put up lights, and it’s something quite special to come home to after work at this time of year.

Because of where our house is, it’s one of those that everyone walks past, so I like to put some sort of window vinyls or stickers up every year.

This year, I thought I’d use my Cricut Maker to see if I could create my own!

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12 Days Of Christmas 2019 – 3 – I Made Another Bauble Wreath!

So, apparently I have something of an addiction! I made a bauble wreath a couple of years ago, which you can find in last years Blogmas posts…

The first wreath lives in the hallway, which is decorated in blue white and silver. Our living room however is all traditional green red and gold! And so, I decided to make a second wreath for in there too!

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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Decorations -Past Projects


Christmas crafting is something I have done for quite a long time, and I thought now would be a great time to share some older projects featured here on the blog, for those who haven’t seen them before.

My “main” craft for a very long time, was cross-stitch, something I have plans to get back into more next year. A lot of my handmade decorations feature cross-stitching, so here are some posts to share:

Quite a few of my handmade decorations are from kits with various magazines, which is (as anyone who subscribes, or like me, has subscribed in the past) quite heavy on Christmas projects, here are a couple featured on the blog:

BaubleStocking baubles

These are really cute, and so easy to make! You can find out more in this post.House Bauble

Festive Houses

These are still some of my favourites! A nice combination of cross-stitch and Christmas fabric, they were super easy to make from the kit, and I ended up making another one later because they were so much fun to make! You can find the post here.10Sock Snowmen

These were something I saw online loads and really wanted to try out! They are versatile and so incredibly cute! I made far too many of these, including the three above, and made different hats and scarves, as well as a variety of fun buttons to decorate them!

You can read the post here.

The Cross-Stitch Advent Calendar

This was such a huge undertaking in the end. It took me far too long to get finished, but I got there eventually! 24 individually cross-stitched squares, stitched to felt pockets on a fabric base. The Advent Calendar, or The Big Project as it became famous among my crafty friends and me over the years it took for me to complete it, finally got finished last year! You can read about it, and see more here!

I hope you enjoyed this look back at some of my past makes!

Have you got any handmade decorations? Share below!




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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Decorations – Festive Christmas Tree Garland*

This post contains items which I have been gifted*. All opinions are my own.IMG_9788[1]I was kindly gifted this fun felt Christmas tree Garland Sewing Kit* from Hobbycraft and HOW cute is this! I love the mix of colours and the decorative elements! IMG_E9577The kit contains:

  • Triangular felt tree pieces
  • Brown tree trunk felt pieces
  • Pom pom embellishments
  • Buttons for hanging and decorating
  • Ribbon pieces for decorating
  • Thread
  • Stuffing
  • Ribbon piece to cut for hanging loops
  • Long ribbon piece

IMG_9782To sew together, (some of the colours of felt are harder to sew than others,) there are a couple of methods you can use, I chose to blanket stitch the two pieces of each tree together and to embellish them once they were finished, though of course you could do this whichever way you prefer.

I sewed the fabric, buttons and ribbon pieces, and used tacky glue to add the pom poms (glue also from Hobbycraft, though from my stash this time! I swear by their tacky glue, it’s one of my staple craft items!) IMG_9780 I did add in a couple of things myself, purely because I wanted my trees to all look the same, so I added in some ric-rac ribbon and a handful of pompoms from my stash. IMG_9784I really like that the bunting simply loops onto the ribbon which you sew buttons on to. This will make it super easy to store away for next christmas without getting everything tangled! IMG_9785I placed the buttons a measured distance apart to display the bunting in the front window of the house, and I love how it looks – (apologies for the slightly bad photo, we have had abysmal weather this week! I will replace when I can) You get the idea! What do you think?

I moved them up to the top of the window as the cats were a fan! Here’s a night photo: IMG_9803I thought overall this kit was great! It was a nice small project to chill with during a couple of evenings, and I really liked the colours, and the variety of embellishments.

This fun kit would make a great gift or stocking filler, for a crafter, the age recommendation is 14+ which seems a little high for me, I’ve been sewing by hand since I was 7, so I think really it depends on ability, though as I say some of the sewing was more difficult. The decorative aspect would definitely be fine with kids, under supervision anyway.

Have you made bunting at home? Christmas or otherwise, why not share a link in the comments!


This post contains items which I have been gifted*. All opinions are my own.

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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Decorations – Bauble Wreath

For the first post in my Blogmas series I will be sharing this gorgeous bauble wreath! This was a really fun piece to make, and so simple too. They are versatile and it is possible to make them using all kinds of Christmas decorations, though I used simple spherical baubles in  to make the one in this post.

What you will need:

  • Wreath ring (I used a polystyrene ring)

BEWARE a plastic coated ring can’t be used with hot glue, because the glue will melt the plastic.

  • Baubles (I got 3 packs of coordinating colours in varying sizes/had some tiny ones in storage)
  • Bead strand
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun, or similar strong adhesive

To begin remove the plastic hanging bits from the baubles (this is a great project to re-use some old or broken decorations too!)

I created layers, the three sizes I used I will just call Smallest (approx 40), Medium (approx 40) and Largest (approx 12), I went around the centre of the polystyrene ring and glued in M sized baubles facing the “loop end” to the back. I then layered the M baubles, glueing onto the ring and the baubles in the centre to make sure they were especially fixed. I then added another ring of M baubles, out from the centre, do not worry too much about the gaps as these are filled in later with the smallest baubles. Use the larger baubles to fill in the outside edge, securely glue them in  place alternating with the middle sized baubles as you can see in the image above. To finish I added the smallest baubles, filling in the spaces where the wreath ring could be seen, and used the bead strand to fill in the few remaining gaps. I cut the strand to make things easier. I felt that the bead strand added a much-needed extra depth to the wreaths final look. IMG_9719On the reverse, to hang, I glued and pinned (using normal sewing pins) a piece of ribbon to the reverse side of the ring. I added a wire ribbon bow to finish the final look of the wreath.

I hope you liked this post!


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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas 2018

As Blogmas begins tomorrow, I thought I’d share some Christmas stuff, some of which is already on the blog, so I will add a link to the post where relevant!

Beginning Christmas

I will say, I don’t usually decorate until December, but I’m working quite a bit leading up to Christmas, and of course will have Blogmas stuff to keep up with, so I thought, why not, just do it a bit early! So I started last night, though I won’t put the tree up for a week. because Loki is determined to live up to his name, and that cat does love to destroy the tree.

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