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30 Years of Film – Mini Movie Challenge

Through May, if you have seen on Twitter, we’ve set ourselves a mini movie challenge; 30 years of film. A look back at some of our favourite films, from 1990 – 2020! An especially tough challenge for some years; and of course an easy choice in others!

30 Years of Film - A mini movie challenge

We didn’t have any rules in particular for our mini challenge. The idea – choose one film each day in May with a UK cinematic release of the year in question. We did try to pick a variety of films though we did notice some patterns emerging! It was so much fun I thought I’d share the list, and of course I’ll update the last couple of days!!

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This Week #4 Work Meal, Birthday, Baking and Bad Boys 3!

Happy Friday! We’re at the end of another week, and at the end of January!

This month really has seemed to drag, probably not helped by fairly rubbish weather, and not really going anywhere or doing much. It does mean however that I’ve actually spent time chilling and reading, and watching TV, and generally relaxing, which wasn’t really a thing last year!

This week however, has been slightly more interesting!

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