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Crazy for Cars – A-Z Challenge 2021

Shock twist for those expecting craft for C! We’re on Day 3 of the April A-Z Challenge, and I thought I’d share a little snippet of a household pastime! Stu definitely got me into cars; (I don’t even drive!) and now I think we can safely say I’m about as crazy for cars as he is; though in a different way!

A-Z Challenge 2021

As I revealed previously; this month I am sharing a retrospective; or look back, on The Craft Room and Beyond! Beginning with A all the way to Z. Sharing fun content past and more recent, as part of the blogging from A-Z Challenge.

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This Week #18 – NT is Open, Finishing Books and a Socially Distanced Picnic

We are still largely staying at home; as much as restrictions are lessening each week, so of course, as usual I haven’t been doing much but we did manage to get out, in a socially distanced capacity; a couple of times this week which has been nice!

This Week

And what a week this has been, I’m so shocked at how much the weather has changed in just a few days!

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A Day Out to The British Motor Museum

This post has not been sponsored in any way, all opinions are my own

The British Motor Museum is a brilliant and unique car museum, located in Gaydon, Warwickshire, just off J12 of the M40. Stu and I had discussed going for a while now, and as we were recently in Leicester, we were in the perfect position to visit as we headed home to Cornwall. Of course we’re not a stranger to automotive museums, though Stu hadn’t visited BMM for years and it was a first time visit for me.IMG_1427

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Cornwall Car Show Season, Three Fab Shows 2019

It’s that time of year again!

I’ve blogged about car shows before, and of course we visited Haynes Motor Museum recently, so it’s no secret that we’re car fans in this house (even me and I can’t drive!) This year, instead of individual posts, I thought I’d round everything up into one big post, sharing some pics from the fab shows we’ve attended this year! You can also find some photos on my highlights on Instagram, from the Marie Curie Country and Classics show this past weekend.

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Somerset 2019 (Part 1) – Haynes Motor Museum

This year, instead of heading out of the UK, we visited Somerset, there were a few places we had talked about wanting to visit, and having limited time off work, it seemed the perfect choice to have a break away, on a bit of a budget. We booked a B&B in the village on Montacute and headed up on the Friday, to return on Sunday, filling three days with about as much activity as we could!  Continue reading “Somerset 2019 (Part 1) – Haynes Motor Museum”

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West Cornwall Motor Show -Car Show Season 2018

It’s what we have come to call Car Show Season! I thought I’d share a little about the shows we go to this summer, and what we see! Starting with our first show of the year: West Cornwall Motor Show!

Craft Room and Beyond, Days Out Header

When you are in a relationship with a self confessed petrol-head; cars are a part of everyday life! This in my case means various automotive days out, and some I’ve come to really enjoy! Car show season, is basically July and August down here, and there are some great shows around Cornwall which I’ve come to look forward to every year!

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Cross-Stitch Campers – TBT Projects

When I posted my camper print faux blind recently, I thought I’d share another completed project today. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t already shared my fun cross-stitch campers, and it’s totally fitting because I was trying to think of something bright and summery!

This is a project, which (unusually) I made for myself back in 2011!

Throwback Thursday

These cross-stitch campers still hang on the wall in our house today! I still really love this project, and it was a quick, easy cross-stitch design too!

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