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12 Days of Christmas 2021 – Gingerbread House

It’s Day 2! In this post I’m sharing how I got creative with a wooden Gingerbread House! It was a great excuse to do something a little bit different, and try something new.


As much as I love the idea of making a real gingerbread house, it’s not something I could leave out at Christmas, because of the cats, and because generally I think it’s kind-of gross. And also, because we REALLY don’t need more treats and stuff at this time of year! So a wooden one seems practical!

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Handmade Happy Mail 2021

I usually send handmade happy mail out every now and again; to friends and family. A little something sweet through the letterbox is fun to both send and receive! I had a chilled evening recently and decided to make a whole bunch of cards, so I had some ready!

Happy Mail

I’ve had one particular matching set of card blanks for a while now. I love the cute patterns and colours, as well as the style of the open front ones! This week I spent one evening choosing various coordinating toppers, to make around 25 handmade cards!

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Stitching – Love Tree Progress (Part 8)

Happy Friday! (Or of course whenever you are reading this)! We’re back to somewhat normal scheduling, and that means back to stitching – Love Tree is getting along since the last update. Some more colour added, and it’s starting to take shape, though of course there’s a way to go yet.

On the desk...

For those who haven’t seen previous updates; this is a cross-stitch kit; aptly named Love Tree; based on artwork by Kim Anderson, and produced by Bothy Threads. I fell in love with the design when I saw it, and received it for Christmas a couple of years ago; so I’ve had it in my stash a while now! I have decided 2021 is the year it gets done!

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Cross Stitch Progress (Love Tree Part 7)

It’s Friday, and that means (at the moment) cross stitch progress reports! I am still working away at my Love Tree kit; and loving that I can finally choose pretty colours to work in!

On the desk...

Last week I shared the first colour introduction to my work in progress; and I’m excited to have moved on with another colour this week!

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Cross Stitch – Love Tree (Part 1)

On the desk is back! I’m planning on being a little more realistic this year though! With motivation in mind, I thought I’d start the year with a new cross-stitch project; this is one kit I’ve had lined up for a while, Love Tree from Bothy Threads.

On the desk...

I didn’t really get into any stitching last year, and so I do need to finish The Scarf, but I thought starting fresh with a new project would motivate me. So let me introduce you to my current project…

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On The Desk – Handmade Disney Cards

I thought I’d share something a bit different today, and that’s some handmade Disney cards!

I make cards as and when they’re needed; but rarely do what I did this week, which is make a few at once!

On The Desk, Header Image

I’ve been working through my stash for ages; only buying what I really need, and this is something that I’ve had in a drawer for AGES! This was originally picked up because I (of course) love all things Disney, but it has since just sat there since, pretty much not getting used!

I found the kit in a drawer; while coming up with a card idea I will need soon, but thought, why not make up the rest too!

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On The Desk – Mini Cross-Stitch Flowers

Can’t believe we’re in June! I have been trying to keep busy with cleaning and garden stuff this week; my flowers are growing, so I thought it only fitting that I work on something similar craft-wise too!

On the desk...

This year I picked up a few mini cross stitch kits. For those moments when I’m not as motivated to work on a larger project. This week has been one of those weeks…

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Cute Mini Easter Cross Stitch

I’ve not done a lot in the way of seasonal crafting, aside from Christmas! So I thought, in the spirit of Lockdown fun, I would work on something for Easter! I’ll be busy in April, but thought I’d share it now. I picked up this cute Easter cross stitch kit from Hobbycraft online.

On the desk...

starting small I suppose, but who knows maybe I’ll do something else next year too. In the meantime it’s nice to work on something a bit different!

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