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Shadow Box Frame Gift*

I was very kindly gifted a product within this post from Hobbycraft,

the gifted item has been clearly marked with an *

For Valentines day yesterday, Stu and I didn’t really have much planned. Neither of us really buy into the day, though we use it as an excuse to give each other a little present, and some chocolate (because any time is a good time for chocolate!). This year I decided I was going to make Stu something I’d promised a while ago!


I worked until 9pm, so we didn’t actually see each other until the evening! So we got a kebab and chilled watching Game of Thrones (we’ve been re-watching from the beginning, ahead of the new season coming out soon!) romantic huh!?

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Valentines Gift Ideas – Handmade With Love*

I was gifted some of the products within this post from Hobbycraft,

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Valentines Day, is something neither Stu or I take very seriously, though we sometimes give fun gifts to each other anyway! It’s only a couple of weeks after Stu’s birthday, so we’re usually pretty relaxed about it.

Valentines HC

It is however a chance to do a bit of crafting here on the blog, though I would say that although some are Valentines products, they could be made and given for many occasions, from birthdays, anniversaries to Mothers Day (March 31st UK readers),  and of course weddings!

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#CraftBlogClub Secret Santa 2018

Though I arrange #CraftBlogClub now, I have been a part of it for so much longer, and the annual Secret Santa is one of my favourite of the regular challenges and events throughout the #CraftBlogClub year. ed2f4-craftblogclub-badge-291x300I really like giving and receiving handmade gifts, and the wide range of crafts, and talents in #CraftBlogClub means it’s always a varied and fun activity at Christmas!

Do you craft and make handmade gifts? We’re always open to new people coming to join in the chats on Tuesday evenings! You can find out more over on Twitter.

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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Gifts – Hoop Art*

This post contains items which I have kindly been gifted * All opinions are my own.

Hoop art, is definitely more popular now than it was a few years ago, and it is a great craft for making a gift, or even decorating at Christmas, there are a lot of Christmas fabric designs which are really good fun, and it is nice to have a different use if you’re not big on sewing, as I wasn’t up til a couple of years ago! Christmas fabric is also a great eco friendly alternative to paper for wrapping! Especially for those harder to wrap gifts!


For this post, I was kindly gifted a sample of this poly/cotton Christmas fabric , and this fab Disney print fabric*, which you will see in a post later this month, from the lovely people at Remnant House Fabric; based in North Yorkshire, Remnant House sell a huge range of sewing fabrics and related items online. The items I was gifted were well packaged and arrived really quickly too!

I adore hoop art – though when it came to preparing for blogmas, I realised that I very rarely saw patterned fabric* as the base, and I thought I would make up a couple of hoops* in different ways, to share here on the blog. Hoop Art Post (2)I’ve been cross-stitching from a young age, and embroidery was something I just never really got into, though it was a relaxing break to come up with something a bit different, and a little less time-consuming. I did each of these hoops of an evening, while watching tv! Hoop Art Post (3)This second hoop*, I wanted to try simply embellishing the fabric, and I really loved the idea of using cross-stitch in a slightly different way, too, so I kept it simple, and continued with the same colour scheme as before. It ties in well with my existing decorations, which include cross-stitch and sewn items. Hoop Art Post (4)Embroidery hoops, like those used in this post, are really affordable, I have several I use for cross-stitch projects, and was kindly gifted two natural wooden embroidery hoops* from Hobbycraft, for Blogmas. These are pretty standard 8 inch hoops which hold up well (and don’t come apart constantly) they can be left plain or decorated if you are leaving your work in the hoops. The great thing is that at £2.70, you don’t feel bad if they are only used for one project!

This post contains items which I have kindly been gifted * All opinions are my own.kayathomelogo





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Blogmas 2018 – Guest Post – Christmas with Adventure Accessories: A Creative Journey From Hobby to Business

I have invited some friends to join me this Blogmas and my first guest this month is the lovely Sarah, owner of Adventure Accessories, and fellow lover of all things craft! Here to talk about her creative journey, and how she turned a love of creating into an award winning business! Featuring a new Christmas edition of her signature Traveller Notebooks.

Crafts inspired by Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Britain.

I first saw the idea for handmade notebooks on an episode of Handmade Britain, presented by Kirstie Allsopp.

The crafts that Kirstie showcased on the programme were simply stunning and easy enough for even me to have a go at. What a good job there was a payday at the end of her series. Amazon was laughing all the way to the bank by the time I had purchased everything I needed to make: Hand-scrubs, Leather Bound Journals and Heart Garlands.

The postman certainly earned his Christmas bonus delivering all my lovely materials and I spent the following year making my first crafts which I gave away as gifts to family and friends. Little did I know at the time that I would eventually create my craft business Adventure Accessories and that the journals, which I have now adapted to my own design would become my signature Traveller Notebook Journals.

Traveller Notebook Journals

NotebooksAdventure Accessories traveller journal notebooks are hand cut and sewn. They are bound in either black, chocolate brown or dark brown faux leather material. With a choice of white plain, lined or mixed paper.

The notebooks come with a map lining as standard or you can customise the lining with photos, design or a map of your choice. Pinterest 3They are then finished with a matching wrap tie and are pocket-sized making them perfect travelling accessory gifts for outdoor enthusiasts.

Faux Leather blank notebook journal features:

  • Black or Brown leatherette material
  • Hand-sewn binding
  • Map lined or custom
  • 5 sets of inserts, each with 8 pages
  • White Paper, either lined or plain*
  • Pocket Size approx. 18cm x 13cm
  • Matching wrap tie

Creating unique gift ideas.

I love working with customers to create truly unique gift ideas. I have created lots of lovely designs for custom linings and paper insert choices. These are just some of the different linings customers have chosen. 12aBeautiful and practical for recording and planning adventures.

I have always kept a journal and even in our now ‘tech age’ I still enjoy the tactile process of writing. Adventure Accessories signature Traveller Notebook Journals are beautiful and practical for recording your travel adventures or planning future treks. They also make a fun novelty gift and you can choose a custom lining to create a truly unique gift for outdoor people. 23

I started selling my products at Christmas Markets to see what response I would have, if any, to my products. They were so well received that I completely sold out of my stock and had enough orders that lasted through to May of the following year. 0 (2)

I then ventured into selling online using Etsy as my first steps on the road to online ecommerce. Etsy is a great platform for new handmade businesses to be seen and access a worldwide market customer base, with a lovely ‘store-front’ it is easy to use and set up, with reasonable fees meaning you too can start your own handmade business, with only a few cents/pence cost. Pinterest 13

Crafting does not have to be expensive or difficult.

Now is a great time to take up a new hobby. In the technical age we are currently in, it is paramount that we find ways to unplug and the creative arts has proven health benefits. YouTube is a great resource to learn how to craft. It is not all silly cat videos. It is a learning resource that can be used in your own time, as your own pace to learn the steps of your new craft. You could learn to crochet, knit, macrame, whittling, even take up a musical instrument. The list is endless. If you would like some ideas or not sure where to start, join the discussion and join the #CraftBlogClub on Facebook and Twitter to get, friendly helpful advice and support from the awesome creative community.


Sarah Skilton is the owner of Adventure Accessories, created in 2017, a successful, award winning creative handmade business based in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. Combining a passion for adventure with a love of crafts, Adventure Accessories creates unique handcrafted, fun and functional, gifts for outdoor enthusiasts. You can follow Sarah on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Thank you to Sarah for sharing your crafting journey. I have of course blogged about Adventure Accessories signature Traveller Notebooks before, which you can read about here. I love mine and definitely think it is a great gift idea!

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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Gifts – Cross-Stitched Bookmarks

Throughout Blogmas I will be sharing some different ideas for handmade gifts and other items! Today I am sharing this easy quick project that makes a great stocking filler gift!

Cross-stitched bookmarks!

As a cross-stitch project these are quick and easy to make, great for beginners as you really can make them as simple as anything, though you can go the other way if you are more experienced, and choose a more challenging design. ThreadsThere are so many ways you can make bookmarks, all you really need is a strip of aida fabric, and some threads in colours of your choice and of course a needle!

Optional extras include tassels, beads, backing fabric or card.

This one, (which I made a couple of years ago, and still use) I made from several pink threads I had, and simply stitched blocks of colour.

Pink Bookmark
Old photo…. You get the idea!

I also made this one again but in shades of green and brown with a brown tassel.

Bookmarks (3)Another great idea is to use a mini kit – although these usually come with fabric, you can change up your material and use your own, just measure the width of the design to make sure it will fit. Bookmarks (4)Using mini kits is a great way to make a bookmark featuring specific designs, these are available in so many places too! This one is actually a Tatty Teddy mini kit I shared in this post. I added some writing for a bit of fun.

You can also buy bookmark kits in some cases, though designs are sometimes a little more limited, depending on what you want.Bookmarks (1)This one was a free kit in a magazine years ago, which is another option, it was supposed to be backed onto some patterned card, though I plan on backing this with fabric. Bookmarks (2)You can also find loads of designs online, and even make up your own!

Would you consider stitching a gift? Or have you in the past?




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November 28th – My Birthday in History -A Keepsake Gift Idea*

This post contains a product I was gifted in return for an honest review,

all opinions are my own*

It’s that time of year again!

The Christmas music has been playing in shops for a couple of weeks, everyone’s talking about parties and people are generally in that feel-good stage before the chaos of December…


It’s also my birthday…

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Guest Post -Perfect Gifts for Crafters -Christine of Craftyism

My guest blogger today is Christine, a fellow craft blogger who I met through #CraftBlogClub on Twitter! I love her blog Craftyism, which is full of tutorials, tips, reviews and other crafty goodness. Like me Christine is a fan on many different crafts, and I’m so happy to share her post today.

Gifts For Crafters Craftyism

Thank you so much Christine for this fab post! So many gorgeous pieces, and some much needed Christmas shopping inspiration!

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Inspirational Gifts For Kids – Quentin Blake and The Science Museum*

This post contains products I was gifted in return for an honest review*

Quentin Blake is well known, and well loved by many generations!

QB Science

Best known for his illustrations in books by Roald Dahl and David Walliams, his fun style is immediately recognisable, and has held a special place in my heart since reading many books featuring his illustrations from childhood!

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Guest Post – Perfect Gifts For Bloggers – Bexa of Hello Bexa

Bexa is genuinely one of my favourite bloggers to visit, I have joked that she is like me, only better! With posts on craft projects, book reviews, travel and more!
In her own words she is a creative lifestyle blogger with a passion for travel, pretty notebooks, emojis and creativeness. Her blog Hello Bexa is SO gorgeous and always a great read, if you’ve never visited before I really recommend stopping by!
***   ***    ***   ***   ***
Gifts For Bloggers HelloBexa
Thank you so much Bexa for writing this great post, sharing these gorgeous photos and inspiring us with some fab shopping gift ideas! 

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