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September 2017 – Handmade Cards- Stars

This month I’m sharing somehandmade cards using stars as decorative elements.

I’ve posted groups of some of my handmade cards for several months now, starting with an introduction in this post, and of course you can also check out last month’s post here.

Handmade Cards

September is a quiet month for cards, so it’s a great chance to have a clear out of my stash! I hoard papers and elements all over the place in the craft room; I really need to figure out a way to organise them; so if you have any tips, do leave me a comment!

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August 2017 Handmade Cards – Music

I’ve been looking through my photos of handmade cards, and listening to music this week, which is how I came up with the theme of my August card sharing post!

I actually only have one Birthday to make for in August, which is why I have spread out my posts about card makes through the year.

Handmade Cards

These handmade card posts would be hugely erratic otherwise! There are also the rare occasions I have no cards to make? (Very rare, I think one month has no birthdays!) Of course I do make cards all year, for happy mail, notes to friends and family, as well as other special events….

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July 2017 Handmade Cards – Water and Sea

It’s that time again, where I share some of my handmade cards; this month I’m sharing some ocean, water and sea inspired cards.

I’ve shared a few of these posts now, though the initial post in January explains more.

Handmade Cards

I love giving handmade cards, they feel so much more personal, and are enjoyable to design and plan. It began when I started to struggle to find ‘the perfect card’ for people, in shops.

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April 2017 Handmade Cards: Baby

I love giving handmade cards celebrating with people; whether it’s birthdays, weddings or a new baby. There is something so much more personal making something bespoke, and cards are great fun to design and plan. You can read more about my card making journey in this post.

Handmade Cards

Every month I have been sharing some of the cards I have made, including recent creations, and makes from the past. Partly so I have somewhere I can remember, and also it shows a lot of them in one go, so I don’t produce repetitive content making several cards in a month!

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February 2017 – Handmade Cards: Love

Ah February, such a mixed month! But of course we had Valentines Day a little while ago, so it seemed only appropriate to share some of my LOVE themed handmade cards this month!

Handmade Cards

So, here are some handmade cards, all about love. These are cars I have made for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and weddings past and present!

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#CraftBlogClub Secret Santa! (2016 Part 1)

Before I begin, I should introduce the #CraftBlogClub Secret Santa. For a couple of years now I have taken part in the #CraftBlogClub ‘Secret Santa’ gift swap.


What is #CraftBlogClub?

Every Tuesday I participate in a Twitter chat – “#CraftBlogClub” which takes place between 7 and 8pm. It is simply a place to chat about blogging, and crafting with less of a focus on selling than many other Twitter chats.

Which for people like me, who craft as a hobby, is refreshing – and a great way to meet like-minded people online – without being bombarded with sales content. (Don’t  get me wrong, I love to buy handmade, but I like to have a choice in when  and where I choose to shop.)

#CraftBlogClub also have challenges throughout the year, and I have taken part for the last couple of years. The most recent ‘challenge’ for #CraftBlogClub was set, the Secret Santa gift swap. We all submit our names, and get emailed with someone else at random, to make a gift for! And in return someone gets your name, and you receive a nice surprise in the post!

Of course I couldn’t post about this particular swap until after Christmas, but before I do that, I thought I would go back and share previous swaps!

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