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Halloween Decor – Crafty Ideas – Blogtober 2020

This year, more than in the past I’ve gotten more into Halloween, and Halloween decor. Not that Halloween is something I don’t enjoy, but spending more time indoors; means wanting to make the most of the fun! So unlike any before; I’ve found myself getting more into bringing a little Spooky Season into the house.

Blogtober - The Craft Room and Beyond

Here are some fun, creative decorating ideas, you could try if you’d like to do the same!

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An A-Z of the Craft Room

I had a bit of a tidy up and sort out in the craft room recently; and it got me thinking about how individual a space it is! wondering how I would go about doing a room tour post, and I decided to do an A-Z. Which might give you a little more insight into me, if you’re new to the blog, or just feeling nosy! So here we go an A-Z of the craft room!

an a-z of the craft room
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12 Days of Christmas 2017 – Easy Decorating Handmade Style

It’s December, and if you haven’t already started, why not try some easy decorating, with a handmade twist! These are great for beginners or experienced crafters, most importantly, have fun!


Christmas is getting ever closer! So coming up, 12 Days of Christmas, with some winter warmers, last-minute stash busters, oodles of cards, gift ideas, one finished project and festive how-to’s and inspiration too!

To start, today I’m going to share five quick decorating ideas, to give your home and so especially your Christmas a bit of handmade flair!

Grab a hot chocolate, get comfy, and take a break from the festive chaos…

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A Day Out To – Marazion, Cornwall

At the end of last week Stu and I both had a couple of days off work and decided to make the most of the nice weather with some days out. As it’s so sunny at the moment; we hopped in the car for a drive to Marazion for some much-needed time by the sea.

We enjoyed the sunshine so much, it seemed only appropriate to take some photos to share…

A day out to...
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