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His and Hers Valentines Mugs

Something I really wanted to do this year; was make some His and Hers Valentines mugs using my Cricut, and some vinyl. This was quite easy to achieve, and I already had the perfect font on my laptop.

Feel the Love

I’ve said before that we don’t really take Valentine’s Day very seriously as a couple; earlier this week; Stu picked me up a new toothbrush and joked he was tempted to give it to me on Sunday… But as it’s so cold at the moment I came up with the perfect gift; (which clearly is going to be seen a bit early!).

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Halloween Decor – Crafty Ideas – Blogtober 2020

This year, more than in the past I’ve gotten more into Halloween, and Halloween decor. Not that Halloween is something I don’t enjoy, but spending more time indoors; means wanting to make the most of the fun! So unlike any before; I’ve found myself getting more into bringing a little Spooky Season into the house.

Blogtober - The Craft Room and Beyond

Here are some fun, creative decorating ideas, you could try if you’d like to do the same!

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In the Garden – Upcycled Candle Jars

How to Brighten Up Your Garden When You Rent (Part 3)

When I started on my mission to brighten up the garden last year; I knew I wanted to include handmade and upcycled elements, but this is sometimes easier said than done. This week I share some easy upcycled candle Jars!

In the garden

Because our outside space is somewhat limited; our garden is mostly grass, with some unruly hedges on one side, bordered by high fences. We have essentially a smallish square of decking, where we can actually sit. Therefore anything I do, is mostly to make this small space, more pleasant to sit in!

While I was already working on ideas; I knew I wanted to do something a little different…

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Halloween Crafting – Black Cat Cushion

It is rare for me to do Halloween crafting, at least in any great amount. As much as I love Autumn; I just don’t see much that takes my fancy, though perhaps next year, it will make a change? I say this after I made this fun Halloween black cat cushion cover!

Blogtober - The Craft Room and Beyond

So while I will probably never do a FULL blogtober; as October isn’t really a time I’ve felt much need to blog a great deal about; I hope you enjoy this small crafty project!

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An A-Z of the Craft Room

I had a bit of a tidy up and sort out in the craft room recently; and it got me thinking about how individual a space it is! wondering how I would go about doing a room tour post, and I decided to do an A-Z. Which might give you a little more insight into me, if you’re new to the blog, or just feeling nosy! So here we go an A-Z of the craft room!

an a-z of the craft room
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Fat Quarter Project – Needle Wrap and More

A little over a year ago I purchased a fat quarter of really pretty Alice in Wonderland cotton fabric at a craft show. Simply because I liked the pattern and the subtle colours; though I love all things Alice, and have slight theming in the craft room! I just needed the right fat quarter project!

Craft Room and Beyond, Crafts Header

When I bought it, I had no idea what I was going to make with it, it was definitely one of those “just really like the print” purchases, (you know what I mean right?) and so, of course it sat in storage, not forgotten, just awaiting inspiration. 

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Nautical Cross-Stitch Frame – TBT Projects

I’m sharing one of my favourite projects I have used to decorate our house – my nautical mini cross-stitch frame.

I love using handmade and upcycled things to brighten up our house, as we rent; so we can’t do much about the decorating generally!

Throwback Thursday

This was a quick stitch project, which took very little time! Ideal for beginners, or perhaps you’re just looking for inspiration for something quick to fill a small picture frame.

Working takes up a lot of time, and so it’s all about finding quick and simple ways to make our surroundings more ‘us’.

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A Day Out To – Marazion, Cornwall

At the end of last week Stu and I both had a couple of days off work and decided to make the most of the nice weather with some days out. As it’s so sunny at the moment; we hopped in the car for a drive to Marazion for some much-needed time by the sea.

We enjoyed the sunshine so much, it seemed only appropriate to take some photos to share…

A day out to...
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Handmade Faux Blind – TBT Projects

Faux Blind? I hear you ask? It is what it sounds like, a fake blind, to hang above a window. Very much dressing!

Looking back on things I’ve made for the house, this is genuinely one of my favourite projects.

One major thing that I really wanted to do when I first got back into sewing, was brighten up the window in our kitchen, as it was so plain, aside from our VW camper model collection…

Throwback Thursday

I decided to carry on the theme even more…

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