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Easy Easter Felt Characters

Easter isn’t a massive thing, and I try to come up with a few ideas, just to make some token posts here on the blog, to be seasonally relevant, and also to maybe (as ever) inspire you to get creative! Today I am sharing some cute and easy Easter felt characters!

Easter - The Craft Room and Beyond

If you have more Easter craft ideas, feel free to share a link in the comments!

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Bring in Spring With Floral Easter Quilling

I thought I’d share something a little different on the blog today! I’ve given quilling a bit of a go over the last year (I am by NO MEANS any sort of expert!) but I thought I’d attempt to bring in spring with some floral Easter quilling!

Easter - The Craft Room and Beyond

It’s been a mixed bag so far this month in terms of weather, so I thoguht I’d dig out my bright coloured paper strips and create something floral and fun!

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Tea Time Mini Cross-Stitch

This year I decided I wasn’t going to do a big stitching project, and just work on random bits I haven’t done, or use some of the mini kits in my stash. So today I’m sharing one such kit, a Mouseloft tea time mini cross-stitch.

On the desk...

I quite like mini kits, as I can just work on them in an evening watching tv or a film. They’re never very complicated, and tend to be quite cute.

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No Sew Felt Love Heart Decorations

I wanted to try something fun and different this season; so I got thinking, and remembered some old origami I learned as a child. And so I decided to make some no sew felt love heart decorations! Perfect for Valentine’s or just because!

Feel the Love

Instead of sewing these; which is -of course- an option; I used some glue, felt and other bits and pieces from my craft stash, to make some cute handmade decorations. I also quite like the idea of layering these, to be able to use vinyl to decorate them! Perhaps some other time!

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Simple DIY Scrap Fabric Hoop Art Love Heart

It’s love season, and I couldn’t resist digging into my stash to make some pretty scrap fabric hoop art! I chose a simple heart design, to keep this DIY project quick and easy to make!

Feel the Love

Everything I used for this project was from my craft stash, and would make great home decor, or a fun handmade gift, for Valentines, Mother’s Day or even for birthdays, new babies, weddings and anniversaries! Changing up the colours alone makes this an incredibly versatile project.

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Starting 2022 with a Simple Knitting Project

I’ve had a nice little break at the beginning of the year, from work, and from the blog. It’s been nice to have a little bit of me time! Just chilling, reading and relaxing. But of course, I’ve also been working on some craft projects, ideas and plans. I’ve started the year with a simple knitting project to begin the year.

On the desk...

I wanted to do something that wouldn’t take too much brain power; as well as using up some of the stuff in my stash; so I’ve picked up my knitting needles, and some pretty cherry red yarn!

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12 Days of Christmas 2021 – Handmade Gonks

There’s something super cute about all the little gonks around at Christmas! I adore the little gnomes, and wanted to have a go at making some easy handmade gonks of my own.


I wanted to make something a little different, and keep it as simple and easy as possible! These are so versatile, and of course could very easily be altered to create a whole host of festive characters!

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12 Days of Christmas 2021 – Knitted Bobble Hat

It’s been interesting juggling a lot of work hours, Christmas prep, and Christmas crafting; it’s lead to finding some fun projects to work on in a small amount of time! Like today’s project, a cute knitted bobble hat!

Christmas 5

Knitting is still a great chillout project for me, so this was nice to knit over an evening after work. Along with scarves, and mittens, hats are a great Chrismas present, and a really easy handmade gift, for beginners or experienced knitters alike!

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Halloween Bunting – It’s Sew Easy!

I decided what we needed above our fireplace was some fun Halloween bunting! (Stu has since suggested I make Christmas bunting, so watch this space)! This is a quick and easy sewing project for beginners or experienced sewists!

Blogtober - The Craft Room and Beyond

I chose to decorate using some vinyl and my Cricut Maker. Of course you could cut out letters from paper or fabric and glue or sew them on; this is a pretty versatile project, and of course you can choose fabrics or colours that match your own preferences.

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