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Inking and Stamping for Cards: April A-Z

Day 9! In case you missed it; It’s that time again, A-Z Challenge season! This month I am keeping things simple; sharing makes past and present, as well as a few I’ll try to create just for the challenge! Today I thought I’d go with a method rather than a theme, with inking and stamping for cards.

An A-Z of handmade cards - April A-Z Challenge 2022

Each post I will try to share around five or six pics of handmade cards; using different styles, methods and elements. For an added challenge, I will be working entirely from my craft stash! (I do have a ridiculous amount of papers, embelishments and what not to use!)

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Crafty January Baking & Handmade Cards.

So we’ve made it through the first month of 2021; with just one weekend to go. it’s been a great month of creating and I though I’d do a bit of a round up of a very crafty January!

This Week

I’m feeling fairly positive about how the month has gone, and have achieved several of my goals (not all of them, but it’s looking good for productivity), so I’m calling it a win! With that in mind; I’m more than ready to head into a positive and productive February!

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Santoro Gorjuss The Scarf Cross-Stitch (Project)

I thought I would start with a project I have worked on before; Santoro Gorjuss The Scarf cross-stitch; but just struggled to make time to work on! Here’s hoping this new year, I have refreshed motivation!

On the desk...

This week I’ve decided to dig out a cross-stitch kit! I used to do tons of stitching, and then I got out of the habit, and it’s something I’d like to get back to again. I find it really relaxing and I’ve actually been stitching since I was 7. I’d like to complete at least one kit this year, as I have many waiting for me to even start!

So here’s what I’ve been working on this week…

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An A-Z of the Craft Room

I had a bit of a tidy up and sort out in the craft room recently; and it got me thinking about how individual a space it is! wondering how I would go about doing a room tour post, and I decided to do an A-Z. Which might give you a little more insight into me, if you’re new to the blog, or just feeling nosy! So here we go an A-Z of the craft room!

an a-z of the craft room
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May 2018 Handmade Cards – Family

I make all of my cards; and used to share them on here quite regularly. I haven’t all year; so I thought I’d write a post sharing some of the cards I’ve made for family and friends in the last six months!

Handmade Cards

I’m thinking of having a break from sharing all year; but possibly also doing some individual card posts over on Instagram or something. If you have any preferences, or want to see more; do let me know in the comments.

You can check out some of my handmade cards here.

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Santoro Inspired Knitting – The Scarf!

You know you’re a craft addict, when you can’t cope with a weekend away without crafts, weirder still deciding mid-summer to knit a scarf…

Craft Room and Beyond, Crafts Header

When we were away in Somerset this month, I ended up buying some yarn; because I had the mad urge to knit while I was away and didn’t bring anything with me…

I had all these intentions this year, of making a scarf rather like this one:

Santoro Gorjuss - The Scarf

All credit to Santoro, I am a HUGE Gorjuss fan! This one is actually named “The Scarf”.

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