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Simple Table Runner – Quick Easter Crafts

When thinking about Easter this year; and how I was going to create content aimed at everyone, not just kids; I geared my thoughts more towards home, than Easter itself. One easy thing to do; for any season, is creating a simple table runner to set the tone for the season.

On the desk...

A table runner Kay, Really? Honestly, it’s true though. We don’t have much in the way of dressing for our dinner table; (which is usually home to piles of junk; and very occasionally my sewing machine). It’s mostly covered with an oilcloth tablecloth, with a bright funky diner design. But sometimes it’s nice to clear it off and actually eat there; and making a bit of a feature of it, makes it more special. And it’s EASY!

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Handmade Faux Blind – TBT Projects

Faux Blind? I hear you ask? It is what it sounds like, a fake blind, to hang above a window. Very much dressing!

Looking back on things I’ve made for the house, this is genuinely one of my favourite projects.

One major thing that I really wanted to do when I first got back into sewing, was brighten up the window in our kitchen, as it was so plain, aside from our VW camper model collection…

Throwback Thursday

I decided to carry on the theme even more…

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