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Inking and Stamping for Cards: April A-Z

Day 9! In case you missed it; It’s that time again, A-Z Challenge season! This month I am keeping things simple; sharing makes past and present, as well as a few I’ll try to create just for the challenge! Today I thought I’d go with a method rather than a theme, with inking and stamping for cards.

An A-Z of handmade cards - April A-Z Challenge 2022

Each post I will try to share around five or six pics of handmade cards; using different styles, methods and elements. For an added challenge, I will be working entirely from my craft stash! (I do have a ridiculous amount of papers, embelishments and what not to use!)

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Crafty January Baking & Handmade Cards.

So we’ve made it through the first month of 2021; with just one weekend to go. it’s been a great month of creating and I though I’d do a bit of a round up of a very crafty January!

This Week

I’m feeling fairly positive about how the month has gone, and have achieved several of my goals (not all of them, but it’s looking good for productivity), so I’m calling it a win! With that in mind; I’m more than ready to head into a positive and productive February!

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Blogmas 2018 – Bright Christmas Cards

Throughout Blogmas this year, there will be recurring topics, and one of these will be handmade card ideas! In each of these posts I will make and share some cards to fit the post title “theme”. This time it’s bright Christmas cards.


The cards in each of the posts, will be produced using a variety of methods; just to show how versatile it can be, making your own Christmas cards. Over the month I will be sharing different styles, generally using punches, paper layering and stamping, though there will be different elements used here and there.

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