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Knitting the Doctor Who Scarf

Ah, knitting the Doctor Who scarf. This is something I know a thing or two about by now…

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Ah the Doctor Who scarf, made famous of course by the Fourth Doctor played by Tom Baker.

Tom Baker as Doctor Who, wearing the iconic striped scarf
Photo from ©BBC

There are patterns readily available for free online (Just google it) and this particular story begins when a colleague was making one a few years ago. I thought it looked pretty simple, and therefore I thought I’d have a go; because my brother is a huge Doctor Who fan! I’d just started knitting at the time, and it really is a simple project.

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12 Days of Christmas 2017 – Stocking Bauble Tutorial

One of my favourite free gift projects, from a back issue of Cross-Stitcher magazine (I think, I could look it up if necessary!) were these stocking bauble tree decorations.

Christmas 8

I love them so much I often make them as gifts, as they are really easy to personalise, and incredibly quick to make!So how do I make them?

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Santoro Inspired Knitting – The Scarf!

You know you’re a craft addict, when you can’t cope with a weekend away without crafts, weirder still deciding mid-summer to knit a scarf…

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When we were away in Somerset this month, I ended up buying some yarn; because I had the mad urge to knit while I was away and didn’t bring anything with me…

I had all these intentions this year, of making a scarf rather like this one:

Santoro Gorjuss - The Scarf

All credit to Santoro, I am a HUGE Gorjuss fan! This one is actually named “The Scarf”.

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April 2017 – This Month and Month Ahead

This Month is a new feature I had been planning to add in, in the new year, though it’s been a bit delayed. Joy of working full-time, and making things in between really.

I’ve been writing this blog for a few months now, slowly making it how I want, with some things still to knock into place so I’m getting there!

This Month

So, every month I want to add in a bit of, well, me, to the blog: What I’ve been up to, whether I’ve been anywhere fun, what I’ve been enjoying, watching, reading and so on.

But also, to remain positive, some goals, and things that I’m looking forward to, and so, instead of looking back, looking forward to – The Month Ahead!

Just as a bit more of a personal side to the blog really!

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