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Disney Magic – A-Z Challenge 2021

We’re BIG Disney fans in our house, and well, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share a little Disney magic this April! Especially considering it was the entire subject of my A-Z Challenge last year!

A-Z Challenge 2021

Just a reminder that this year’s A-Z Challenge theme is A Retrospective, or look back at The Craft Room and Beyond, sharing a variety of content you may have missed, both years back and more recently! I’ll be covering a variety of themes and topics through the month, but of course there’s always the search bar if you’re looking for anything in particular! (And of course you can contact me any time!)

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*Date Night* The Epic Disney Tag

This is the beginning of a new feature on the blog, where Stu, joins me for a blog post once a month, where we will chat about all sorts of things, including top tens, and other fun tags!

The Epic Disney Tag

This month, I found The Epic Disney Tag over on Colleen’s Blog, and wanted to do it myself, and then Stu liked the idea too, so it has become the first *Date Night* post.

Kay and Stu Disneyland Paris Teacups
DLP Teacups 2017

As this is the case, and this will be a long post, I won’t be tagging anyone, but feel free to do the Tag, and share your answers, and tag me so I can see!

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