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National Trust in Cornwall – TBT Look Back

We’ve visited many of the National Trust sites in Cornwall, and I thought I was long overdue for a post sharing them all in a comprehensive list! So here’s a Throwback Thursday look back at some of the places we’ve been!

Throwback Thursday

Here is a list of all the sites that can be found in Cornwall, with links to my posts if I’ve visited. I will update with any more links when I get to them!

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A Day Out to The British Motor Museum

This post has not been sponsored in any way, all opinions are my own

The British Motor Museum is a brilliant and unique car museum, located in Gaydon, Warwickshire, just off J12 of the M40. Stu and I had discussed going for a while now, and as we were recently in Leicester, we were in the perfect position to visit as we headed home to Cornwall. Of course we’re not a stranger to automotive museums, though Stu hadn’t visited BMM for years and it was a first time visit for me.IMG_1427

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Things to Come – A Catch Up Post

This is a little bit of a catch up, and refresher post really, as I usually just share what I’m up to. I intend to keep doing so, though in the interest of readership, there are certain things that I felt were getting fairly repetitive, so after a little summer break, as I realised I’d gone a  year without any major time off from blogging, so I had a little break recently, and thought I’d take the opportunity for a bit of a catch up, and a refresh!

Logo, Craft Room and Beyond

I’ve tried in the past to find out what people wanted, though it’s a tough thing to get feedback for, (though as ever, feel free to get in touch in comments or on social media, if there are things you’d like to see more [or less] of!) as well as what I want, and taking into account working part time as well as having the blog.

What I’ve been doing:

Mostly working!! I know, it’s so exciting! I’ve been doing some knitting here and there, but I’ve mostly been chilling, not worrying about completing any projects, and enjoying the summer, days out, spending time relaxing… And watching almost half of the movies on the Movie Challenge list!

We’ve also watched a fair bit of “TV” (I don’t have terrestrial TV, everything I watch is streamed) so we caught up on Jessica Jones, The Boys, and watched Firefly again! We’ve been going to the cinema here and there, and of course car shows, and local events recently which you can find in my last couple of posts.

Coming Up:

  • Days out! (Of course, lots planned as usual!)
  • Crafting! I haven’t done as much lately as I’d like, but I will be sharing soon.
  • We’ve booked a holiday! So I shall be sharing that too, but in November, so there’s a while to go! (If anyone is interested in any content around this, such as packing, booking process, plans, tips etc for this or past holidays let me know.)
  • Events. A couple of things lined up, I am excited to share with you!
  • General content, I love sharing more generalised content, and plan on doing some more chilled posts, rounding up what we’ve been up to, or what is happening.
  • NEW weekly, what I’m working on short posts, I’m hoping this has the side effect of keeping me motivated to do more crafting too!


Social Media:

I’m loving sharing days out, and events, though as we often revisit the same places, I will only share a singular post, and just mention follow ups on the blog from now on, unless there’s something significant going on. If you’d like to know more about what I’m up to though, I have decided to be more active on Instagram in that sense, so do give me a follow, and I’ll endeavour to share more of what’s going on in stories and my feed, I want to treat is as a sort-of scaled down version of the blog, where I’ll share things I’m doing craft wise, and any days out or events as they happen!

I’m also still on Twitter, but that’s definitely where I’m most casual, while I share new posts, and goings on, it’s a lot more relaxed, and I love having a good chat! I also still host #CraftBlogClub on Tuesdays, which I really enjoy!

Thanks for bearing with me!! I’m hoping to be back to 2/3 posts a week from now on!

Thanks For Reading image

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*Date Night* March 2019

March! It’s been a fairly quiet month again this month, mostly because we’ve been really  busy with work, though we have had a little down-time here and there, so here’s a bit of a catch up!

Date Night

We’ve not had any events in March, which means it’s been fairly quiet generally, we did enjoy a day out in St Ives (which you can read all about here)! That’s about the extent of our going out this month, the joy of how days off have come up recently, coupled with some rather hit-or-miss weather!

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Blogmas 2018 – Guest Post – Christmas with Adventure Accessories: A Creative Journey From Hobby to Business

I have invited some friends to join me this Blogmas and my first guest this month is the lovely Sarah, owner of Adventure Accessories, and fellow lover of all things craft! Here to talk about her creative journey, and how she turned a love of creating into an award winning business! Featuring a new Christmas edition of her signature Traveller Notebooks.

Crafts inspired by Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Britain.

I first saw the idea for handmade notebooks on an episode of Handmade Britain, presented by Kirstie Allsopp.

The crafts that Kirstie showcased on the programme were simply stunning and easy enough for even me to have a go at. What a good job there was a payday at the end of her series. Amazon was laughing all the way to the bank by the time I had purchased everything I needed to make: Hand-scrubs, Leather Bound Journals and Heart Garlands.

The postman certainly earned his Christmas bonus delivering all my lovely materials and I spent the following year making my first crafts which I gave away as gifts to family and friends. Little did I know at the time that I would eventually create my craft business Adventure Accessories and that the journals, which I have now adapted to my own design would become my signature Traveller Notebook Journals.

Traveller Notebook Journals

NotebooksAdventure Accessories traveller journal notebooks are hand cut and sewn. They are bound in either black, chocolate brown or dark brown faux leather material. With a choice of white plain, lined or mixed paper.

The notebooks come with a map lining as standard or you can customise the lining with photos, design or a map of your choice. Pinterest 3They are then finished with a matching wrap tie and are pocket-sized making them perfect travelling accessory gifts for outdoor enthusiasts.

Faux Leather blank notebook journal features:

  • Black or Brown leatherette material
  • Hand-sewn binding
  • Map lined or custom
  • 5 sets of inserts, each with 8 pages
  • White Paper, either lined or plain*
  • Pocket Size approx. 18cm x 13cm
  • Matching wrap tie

Creating unique gift ideas.

I love working with customers to create truly unique gift ideas. I have created lots of lovely designs for custom linings and paper insert choices. These are just some of the different linings customers have chosen. 12aBeautiful and practical for recording and planning adventures.

I have always kept a journal and even in our now ‘tech age’ I still enjoy the tactile process of writing. Adventure Accessories signature Traveller Notebook Journals are beautiful and practical for recording your travel adventures or planning future treks. They also make a fun novelty gift and you can choose a custom lining to create a truly unique gift for outdoor people. 23

I started selling my products at Christmas Markets to see what response I would have, if any, to my products. They were so well received that I completely sold out of my stock and had enough orders that lasted through to May of the following year. 0 (2)

I then ventured into selling online using Etsy as my first steps on the road to online ecommerce. Etsy is a great platform for new handmade businesses to be seen and access a worldwide market customer base, with a lovely ‘store-front’ it is easy to use and set up, with reasonable fees meaning you too can start your own handmade business, with only a few cents/pence cost. Pinterest 13

Crafting does not have to be expensive or difficult.

Now is a great time to take up a new hobby. In the technical age we are currently in, it is paramount that we find ways to unplug and the creative arts has proven health benefits. YouTube is a great resource to learn how to craft. It is not all silly cat videos. It is a learning resource that can be used in your own time, as your own pace to learn the steps of your new craft. You could learn to crochet, knit, macrame, whittling, even take up a musical instrument. The list is endless. If you would like some ideas or not sure where to start, join the discussion and join the #CraftBlogClub on Facebook and Twitter to get, friendly helpful advice and support from the awesome creative community.


Sarah Skilton is the owner of Adventure Accessories, created in 2017, a successful, award winning creative handmade business based in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. Combining a passion for adventure with a love of crafts, Adventure Accessories creates unique handcrafted, fun and functional, gifts for outdoor enthusiasts. You can follow Sarah on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Thank you to Sarah for sharing your crafting journey. I have of course blogged about Adventure Accessories signature Traveller Notebooks before, which you can read about here. I love mine and definitely think it is a great gift idea!

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Traveller Notebooks – For a Blogging Journey

I am a self-confessed stationery addict. Needing to stay organised; I have notebooks all over the place; an essential for everyone, blogger, traveller or just those that are busy! But recently have been utterly lost because my handbag sized notebook ran out; and I hadn’t got round to buying one! I just couldn’t find one that suited what I needed…

It is used for a lot; mostly blog planning and social media, but considering I’m also running #CraftBlogClub, I note down chat plans too. And then there’s day-to-day to-do list stuff.

Chatting on #CraftBlogClub fairly recently Sarah was sharing her handmade Traveller Notebooks from her site: Adventure Accessories. Which are utterly beautiful –

Adventure Accessories Traveller Notebooks
Photo stolen from Sarah on Twitter (@AdventureAccess)
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Scrapbook Share – Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary 2017

Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary celebrations, was our second Disney holiday, and of course I planned to create a scrapbook of the trip, but it took me over a year to actually get it done!

Now the book is finished, I took some photos of my layouts and thought I’d share it here!

Scrapbook Share

If you’d like to see more of my travel scrapbooks, let me know. I have different books from a few different places, including Prague, our first Disney trip and Paris, and a few of different years of general scrapbooking, so leave me a comment if you enjoy this post and would like to see more!

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November 2017 Handmade Cards – Transport

This month I thought I’d share some transport themed cards. It seems I make a lot of cars with trains, bikes and cars on them, or so it appears!

I can’t believe I’ve been doing these cards posts all year; I’m thinking of having a break next year, but possibly also doing some individual card posts over on Instagram or something. If you have any preferences, do let me know in the comments.

Handmade Cards

Every month I have been sharing some of the cards I have made; including recent creations, and makes from the past. You can check out the first one here, with a little more explanation.

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